Conservation Area Planning

This page has update reports on changes within and planning applications relating to the two Conservation Areas and including the two Areas of Special Local Character (ASLC).  This information complements that published in our Planning section.

This is my monthly update for March 2017, covering planning matters in the Conservation Areas and Areas of Special Local Character within Ruislip.

1. New Planning Applications and Appeals.
New Planning Applications:
  • 13 King Edwards Road (70736/APP/2017/878): Details pursuant to condition No. 4 (Landscape Scheme) of Secretary of State's Appeal Decision ref: APP/R5510/D/16/3144326 dated 20/05/2016 (LBH ref: 70736/APP/2015/4129 dated 02/11/2015); removal of existing attached garage: part 2 storey side extension, incorporating a new side garage and front porch, and other associated changes).
  • 178-182 High Street (28388/APP/2017/849): Single storey rear extension for use as an entrance lobby.
  • 29 Pinn Way (69338/APP/2017/940): Erection of a single storey rear extension.

2. New decisions taken on Planning Applications and Appeals
Approved Applications:
  • Woodstock, Monarch’s Way (44376/APP/2017/81): Single storey side / front extensions and attached garage to side, involving demolition of existing detached garage to front (Resubmission).
  • 52 Manor Way (162/APP/2017/122): Single storey side extension involving demolition of garage to side.

Refused Applications:

  • 33 Kingsend (72500/APP/2017/75): Two storey rear extension, single storey side extension and installation of 2 x dormers to front.
  • 32A Ickenham Road (29230/APP/2017/245): Single storey front/side/rear extension and part conversion of garage to habitable use.
  • Land forming part of 44 Kingsend (71580/APP/2017/173): Two storey, 4-bed, detached dwelling with habitable roofspace to include 3 side rooflights with associated amenity space and parking involving vehicular crossover to front and demolition of existing garage to rear (Resubmission). This was a revised application for the one which was refused and then dismissed at appeal in August 2016. We wrote to the Case Officer to say that we do not believe that the revisions address all the previous concerns. The Case Officer agreed.
  • 65 High Street (HSBC bank) (6786/ADV/2017/18): Installation of 1 x fascia sign and 1 x hanging sign.
  • 7A Manor Road (69063/APP/2017/393): Conversion of roof space to habitable use to include a 3 x rear dormers, 2 front rooflights and conversion of roof from hip to gable end to both sides.

3. Outstanding Planning Applications and Appeals with decision pending
Applications that were due for decision by end March
  • 5 & 7 Kingsend (45467/APP/2016/3680) 3 x two storey, 4-bed terraced houses with habitable roofspace with associated parking and amenity space involving demolition of No.7 Kingsend. Both Eileen Bowlt (RVCP) and I wrote to the council expressing our concerns about this as it would result in a large block next to the renovated house at No 5, out of character with the area, and very cramped, on a busy corner. Updated plans were submitted in January and the decision date was put back to 10th February (previously 10th January). The changes appear to be fairly cosmetic and I wrote again to the case officer reiterating those concerns as well as the poor standard of living accommodation proposed.
  • 7-9 Bury St. (“The Old House”) (34752/APP/2016/4598 and 4600): Details in compliance with various conditions of planning permissions 34752/APP/2016/446 and 447. Decisions were due 22nd February.
  • 44a High Street (72445/APP/2016/4543) (above dental surgery): Conversion of roofspace to habitable use to include a rear dormer and 1 x front and 1 x rear dormer. Decision was due 14th March (previously 28th February).

Applications due for decision in April

  • 6 Kingsend (54441/APP/2017/514): Single storey side/rear extension. Decision due 17th April.
  • 2 Sharps Lane (12519/APP/2017/162) Two storey side/rear extension and single story side/rear extension. Decision due 17th April.

Current Appeals:

  • Land adjacent to 2 Park Cottages, The Oaks (8081 27553/APP/2016/2829): Two storey, 1-bed, end of terrace dwelling house.
  • Flat 6 , 3 Pembroke Road (8066 72253/APP/2016/3630): Installation of window to balcony area.

Other Ongoing Key Matters

  • Citizens Advice Bureau (CAB) building: This building is in a critical position within the conservation area, between Manor Farm and St Martin’s / the Almshouses, and it is in poor condition. This site was put up for sale by the council, and we understand that a potential owner has asked the council to organise an archaeological investigation of the site, but there is minimal information available to us on this matter.

  • The Six Bells: There is concern that The Six Bells is falling into disrepair. The Council are considering a pre-application proposal for the site - their powers relating to the repair of listed buildings are limited. I wrote to the owner expressing our concerns but not received a response.

  • 16/18 Kingsend: We are concerned that the driveway has been relaid with tarmac rather than the permeable surface required, and several other matters. Jonathan Murray (of the Council) has spoken to the site project manager who has said he is aware that some issues still need to be addressed.

  • Property developers: Churchill Retirement Living have been sending letters through doors in Kingsend and Sharps Lane (at least) offering to buy up properties so that they can develop. We believe other companies are also doing this in Ruislip. This trend is of real concern, and we are keeping a close eye on it together with the Council.
First published on 15 February 2016.  Last updated on 06 April 2017
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