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Crime Prevention/Advice – Protecting your family gold

What do I need to do?

Keep jewellery in a safety deposit box or a secure facility away from home.

Review your home security

Always check your doors and windows are secure. Consider where your home is vulnerable by thinking how would break-in if locked out. - Fit an intruder alarm, CCTV and/or security lighting.

How you would break-in if locked out? - Fit an intruder alarm, CCTV and security lighting.

If you must keep it at home, use an insurance approved safe which must be securely fixed. Remember, if you can lift it in, thievesucan lift it out.

Be discreet wearing your jewellery in public

Remember what is attractive to you is also attractive to thieves - Keep safe, keep it out of sight.

Photograph and keep a detailed inventory of each item of jewellery and keep it in a separate place. Include the value, date acquired, receipts, valuation certificate and any indentifying marks. If it is stolen, this gives the best opportunity to recover your precious items and convict the thief.

Have your jewellery professionally marked - so that it can be easily identified. Laser engraving your jewellery with your name and serial number acts as a hallmark unique to you. Many jewellers and the Assay Office offer this service.

You can also use a forensic traceable liquid that has a unique forensic code which is visible under UV.light and is registered to you. This helps police identify and return stolen goods.

Once marked, photograph your jewellery and register it at


Published in Crime Awareness on 31 October 2016.
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