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This section provides information for Ruislip residents on Primary education and on local Primary educational institutions in Ruislip, with regular contributions and articles from local Primary schools, including School, pupil and parent activities.

We cover the schools that are actually in Ruislip in detail. Below is a list of the schools including those in the surrounding area.

Primary Schools in and around Ruislip

Information and on-line booking for Starting Primary School in Hillingdon

On Tuesday, March 28th. Year 4 pupils presented their production of King Midas and the Golden Touch in front of a large audience of parents, grandparents and friends in the school hall.

King Midas and his Courtiers
The show began with the entrance of King Midas (played by Reggie) who had rose petals strewn in his path before taking his place on his golden throne. The whole company then sang the opening song relating the story of the king and his love for his golden possessions with which he was obsessed and spent all day and every day polishing them. It was obvious from the outset that his courtiers were not happy with a king who did not take his role seriously.

King Midas and his ChefsWe were then introduced to his Chefs for whom we were told he had a soft spot.This was illustrated by the king's action of stroking his protruding belly which brought laughter from the audience. They sang We Cook And We Bake which was accompanied by their actions of stirring ingredients in their red mixing bowls. King Midas was then presented with a large amount of food.

The chefs were followed by the Financial  Advisors who were trying to speak to the king about the need for repairs to the city's crumbling buildings. However, the king dismissed this and is more concerned with counting his gold coins. This brought us to the next song, So Much Money which included reference to the fact that he spent very little time with the Queen (played by Daisy) and his daughter, Princess Marigold (played by Brooke) as he was only interested in acquiring more and more golden possessions.

First published on 30 March 2017.  Last updated on 15 April 2017

On Tuesday, December 6th. the school's Year 3 pupils presented their first Nativity play. They were prepared for their performance by Mrs. Griffiths and Mrs. Perrett. Each scene was introduced by a Narrator; there were attractive backdrops which acted as the different settings and a choir joined the cast members for the songs. Every pupil in the year group was included in the performance.

Mary,Joseph, baby Jesus and some animals in the stableA pupil welcomed the audience to the concert and then the action began. The group of animals on the stage noticed that the town of Bethlehem was very noisy. To the backdrop of the Dove and the words One Bright Light the choir sang One Small Light. The Dove told the animals that there was something special, precious and new that she could take them to see. The cows were told Sing me a song and I'll take you along.The cows responded with the song We wanna mooooove on. They then encounter a flock of sheep who wanted to know where they were going and when told they sang We will follow you and off they went in search of what was happening in Bethlehem. Next the group came across some goats who were intrigued and responded to the Dove's request to sing a song if they wished to join the group. The goats' song was Kid Trouble and then the animals led by the Dove continued on their journey. Finally the animals were joined by donkeys. When they reached Bethlehem they came across Mary, Joseph, baby Jesus in the crib and shepherds in the stable. The whole cast gathered round the crib and sang Away in a Manger. The Three Kings bearing their gifts then arrived and the whole company sang There Is A King.Singing the Final Song

This was a truly delightful performance and the children's enjoyment was clearly evident as they were all fully engaged in what they were doing.

Mrs. Westbrook, Headteacher, congratulated the children and thanked the audience for attending. At the end of the performance there was a collection to support the Down's Syndrome Association.

Published on 27 January 2017

The Nursery and Infants School presented their Christmas Concert on Tuesday, November 29th. All the performers were from three to four years old and every pupil played some part in the performance.

The concert was opened by Mrs. McCarter's class with Christmas Shopping. They all carried sparkly shopping bags and gave a lively performance of the song I Like Christmas Shopping with the children doing the actions to illustrate the words.
They sang about the different gifts they had bought for members of their families and showed these to the audience. Finally after all their shopping they fell down exhausted at the end.

The next item was presented by Miss Hall's Class who performed the song Dear Santa with each child asking Santa for something they really would like for Christmas such as a new bike, trainers and orange and yellow socks. Each child held up the item they wanted. This was followed by Christmas Hit with the children singing We're gonna have a wonderful party.
They certainly did get into the party spirit! The audience joined in by clapping to the music. Some pupils were playing musical instruments and moved to the music like true pop stars. It was great fun!

Miss Lambie's class then performed Christmas Dinner All Around the World. Some children were dressed as turkeys, carrots, potatoes,green sprouts and those in an all brown costume represented gravy - all the ingredients of Christmas dinner. Other pupils were dressed in national costumes from around the world and carried their national flags.

Finally Mrs. Cowley's Nursery Class accompanied by the Reception Class performed a traditional Nativity. As expected there was a procession on to the stage of angels, a boy carrying a gold star, stable animals, shepherds. Mary and Joseph who all stood a round the crib in which baby Jesus lay. Finally the three kings bearing their gifts made an entrance. The assembled group sang Away in a Manger, It's A Party for Everyone: Jesus the Saviour Has Come To Us.
The concert closed with the whole cast singing We Wish You A Merry Christmas.

All the teachers should be congratulated for all their hard work which was rewarded by a brilliant concert with such young performers. Well done to everyone concerned.

The Junior School Years 5 and 6 concert Robin Hood took place on Thursday December 15th. The pupils retold the story with songs, music and dance of the well known character who robbed the rich to give to the poor. The first part of the story was performed by Year 6 pupils. The opening scene Out in the Forest explained that the villagers were unhappy with the Sheriff and did not want to pay more taxes. Harry Danns gave a confident performance as Robin Hood. As the scenes progressed the audience learned how some of the villagers join Robin and his Merry Men and eventually steal from the rich to give to the poor villagers. Each scene flowed seamlessly from the other and the scenes were interspersed with lively songs. At the end of the first part of the story the Year 6 performers were replaced by Year 5 pupils. Robin Hood was played by Adam Harabi and Annabelle Brown was an excellent Sheriff as she planned to make the villagers pay. Robin falls into the Sheriff's trap and becomes a prisoner but all ends happily as Robin escapes and overcomes the Sherrif. Peace is finally restored in Nottingham and the villagers join Robin in a celebration party. The message of the story was evident in the final song Learning to Respect Every Person the Same.

It was a thoroughly entertaining performance which was appreciated by the audience who enthusiastically applauded the performers at the end. All the staff involved in the rehearsals worked very hard to make the show a success and they were thanked by Mrs. Needs, the Headteacher.

Published on 26 January 2017

On Monday 28th.November Councillor Philip Corthorne visited Bishop Winnington-Ingram to open their new Table Tennis Outdoor Learning Facility. Money for the project came from donations from the school's Parents' Association and funding from the Ward Budget kindly supported by Councillor Corthorne. He was met by the Head Boy, Head Girl and their Deputies as well as the two Sports Prefects. They then escorted the Councillor together with members of the Parents' Association and a representative from Ruislip Residents' Association to the Facility.
Head Boy, Head Girl and DeputiesThe Sports Prefects
Councillor Corthorne plays the first match
Councillor Corthorne cut the ribbon and declared the Facility open. He was invited to play a match with the pupils which was great fun for everyone! On the way back into school Councillor Corthorne commented on how the school had changed since his last visit.

The Sports Prefects have devised a weekly timetable to ensure that every pupil has a chance to use the Facility. Now the pupils of BWI can enjoy Outdoor Learning much more.

All the tables are made from recycled materials allowing the school to support the sustainability of our world.

Most of the information in the above report was written by the Head Boy and Head Girl.

Published on 06 December 2016

The national Citizen Service Challenge is a project funded by the government to promote social integration among young people from 15 - 17 years of age. For between £35 - £50 it provides an amazing four week challenge for students who have just completed their GCSE, AS or A level examinations to learn new life skills and face new challenges as well as having something of extra interest to add to their UCAS application.

The group who visited Warrender School on Wednesday, July 13th. for their community project were local students who came from diverse backgrounds( English, Indian, Somalian, Vietnamese and Hungarian) who had learnt to live and work together. Their Senior Mentor was Ashish who played a pastoral role and who had previous experience of community projects. While in the sixth form at Nower Hill School in Harrow he was part of a group of young volunteers who helped to build a home for orphans in Romania. Currently he is studying medicine at St.Georges university.

The NCS Challenge StudentsThe group was in their third week which focuses on community projects. Their challenge was to create a more welcoming and pleasant outside environment for the Warrender pupils. During the morning they were hard at work sanding down the school's picnic tables/benches which they were to paint in bright multi colours. In the afternoon they were planning on working on the school's allotment where the pupils grow their own vegetables to help promote healthy eating. Unfortunately the summer rain put an end to that part of the project!!

All the students spoke enthusiastically about their NCS Challenge experience and said that they would definitely recommend it their peers.
Published on 19 July 2016

The WinnersOn Friday, July 8th. BWI held their annual competition to reward the best musicians in several categories and choose the overall winner.

The first category was for Beginners who played a variety of instruments including piano, violin, drums and tenor horn. The next category was the Ensemble which included violins, recorders, ukuleles, drums and vocals. The Advanced musicians formed the final category with performances by pupils playing piano, clarinet, trumpet, drums and guitar.

After each category there was time for the judges - Year 12 music students from Bishop Ramsey School - to deliberate. There was also an opportunity for the pupils to hear performances from the secondary students.Following the first category Esme Porter (piano) and Frances Lay (violin) played Run by Leona Lewis. After the Ensembles Esme played Carangueijo by the Brazilian composer, Heitor Villa-Lobos. Before the winners were announced there was an eagerly awaited drum recital by the talented Louis Cowling, whom the pupils remembered from last year, who played Waiting All Night by Ella Eyre.

The winners (pictured) were then announced. They were : Ella Stanbridge (Beginner - piano), Ted and Alice (Ensemble - recorders), Aaron Rodrigo (Advanced - piano). The Overall Winner and Young Musician of the Year 2016 was Caleb Huang (piano) who also won the trophy last year. The category winners were presented with a certificate and a £10 Promusic gift voucher. Caleb received a certificate, a £25 voucher and the trophy on which his name will be engraved once again.

The afternoon concluded with a second performance from Louis of Girls Like by Tinie Tempah.

The competition was organised by Mrs. Britton, the school's music specialist, who introduced each competitor.
First published on 15 July 2016.  Last updated on 22 July 2016

On Monday, June 27th. a concert was held in the school hall to showcase the pupils' music talents.

Mr. Ivor Johnstone, Interim Head Teacher, welcomed the parents and visitors and informed them that one sixth of the school's pupils were currently learning to play a musical instrument. They are taught by a valued group of peripatetic teachers from the Hillingdon Music Service.

Mrs. Kate Needs, the school's Head Teacher from September, introduced the first item which was a solo piano performance by Amy Newton which was followed by another piano solo by Ross Bell.

Next on the programme were a series of violin solos. Each pupil confidently introduced themselves and their pieces before they performed. One memorable performance of the evening was given by Daniel Macholl, Year 3, who played the haunting Irish tune Danny Boy on the violin. This was a beautiful rendition by one so young. Daniel then played A Song of Erin on the piano with equal aplomb.
Daniel MachollNathan SkinnerPhoenix HoareThe concert continued with various solo performances, a group of solos and duets played on a variety of brass instruments.
The drumming solos followed with a notable performance from Nathan Skinner, Year 3, who earned appreciative applause from the audience. There were also guitar solos and duets, a solo cello performance by Emma Savi and keyboard and saxophone solos and duets. The concert drew to a close with a very confident solo saxophone performance by Phoenix Hoare, Year 6.

It was a very enjoyable evening and an impressive display of the pupils' diverse musical talents.
Published on 13 July 2016

Bishop Winnington-Ingram Primary School devoted the week beginning June 6th. to celebrations which culminated in a wonderful Street Party in honour of HM The Queen's ninetieth birthday. The preparations began two months ago and the whole idea was the brain child of the school's History Coordinator, Mrs J Perrett.

The week began with a special assembly on the Monday morning. Children and staff entered the hall as usual but were greeted by the unusual sight of a throne and red carpet. This prompted much excited whispers of: "She's here!" and "She's really come!!" For a moment they might have believed that all their prayers had been answered. During May the children had all written letters to Her Majesty inviting her to attend their celebrations. The royal guests were announced and welcomed by loud applause and cheers from the assembled pupils. HM The Queen (aka Mrs Emma Kimsey HLTA) was presented with flowers by Mrs Gill Westbrook, Head Teacher,and the school's Head Boy and Girl. Her Majesty responded by thanking the pupils and teachers for inviting her and Prince Philip (not the real one) to share in their celebrations. Mrs Audrey Wright, Deputy Head, was permitted to interview the Queen about her life and work. She spoke in some detail about her childhood, education, the war, her work, her ascension to the throne and her own children.(Mrs Kimsey had certainly done her homework!!) The pupils had an absorbing history lesson.

Following the assembly the pupils returned to their classrooms to write an account of the morning's events. Her Majesty,accompanied by Mrs. Perrett, then toured the classrooms and permitted the children to ask her questions.
During the course of the week the pupils spent time making crowns and place mats in preparation for Friday's Street Party.

On Friday,June 10th. the weather played its part in making the Street Party a memorable occasion for pupils, staff, parents and visitors. Yes, the sun actually made an appearance! For the second time in the week the party was graced by the presence of HM The Queen( Mrs Kimsey had a busy schedule!) The playground looked like a residential street during Her Majesty's Golden Jubilee Year. Long tables were set out under awnings decorated with union flags all around the playground. All the children wearing their colourful crowns enjoyed a lunch of pizza followed by jelly and ice cream. Later everyone was given a piece of special birthday cake.

After lunch every group of pupils from Nursery to Year 6 made various presentations of poetry,song,dance and an instrumental recital. Finally a number of certificates were awarded to pupils who had won various art and writing competitions. At the end of the afternoon the children returned to their classrooms and were given a commemorative booklet
The Servant Queen inside which was a special book mark recording the school's celebrations. This was a souvenir from the Governors of the school.

The whole week was a wonderful celebration of our longest serving sovereign's ninetieth birthday and one which will remain long in the memory of all who were involved.

Mrs. Perrett and The Queen (Mrs Kimsey)Pupils Enjoying LunchThe Street Party

First published on 22 June 2016.  Last updated on 04 November 2016
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