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This section provides information for Ruislip residents on Primary education and on local Primary educational institutions in Ruislip, with regular contributions and articles from local Primary schools, including School, pupil and parent activities.

We cover the schools that are actually in Ruislip in detail. Below is a list of the schools including those in the surrounding area.

Primary Schools in and around Ruislip

Information and on-line booking for Starting Primary School in Hillingdon

The following article was written by Bishop Winnington-Ingram pupils:

On the 25th. of November some BWI pupils went to the Guru Nanak Sikh Academy primary school in Hayes to celebrate Guru Nanak's birthday with them. It was an amazing experience that we should like to tell you more about.

Like our school, Guru Nanak Sikh Academy also adheres to some school values. They use the acronym SHARE to remind them of those values : service to others, humility, achievement, respect, equality.

We were welcomed by their head boy and head girl who showed us to their Gurdwara (temple). We had to take our shoes off and cover our heads to enter the Gurdwara to watch their celebration assembly. The assembly included stories, readings, music and prayers in Panjabi and English. After the assembly we were offered some sweet treats (langar) and then invited to join the children for lunch.We had curry, rice with peas and carrots, fruit and ice cream. As they don't eat meat they use paneer cheese and we also had yogurt.

After lunch we spent some time with the children in the playground for some fresh air before going back to classes. We quickly made lots of friends and they made us feel very welcome.

Later we visited our year groups in the Sikh pupils'BWI and GNSA pupils in class classes. They were doing different activities which we got to join in; we even made something tasty to eat! We made biscuit balls out of crushed digestive biscuits, puffed rice and condensed milk. Once we got home we put them in the fridge and when they went hard we could eat them.

After our time in class, our day at Guru Nanak Sikh Academy came to an end. It was great to learn more about the Sikh religion; about their beliefs, their place of worship and their holy book. We noticed many differences between Christianity and Sikhism, but also many similarities. We would like to thank them for making us feel so welcome and for being part of our community.

First published on 16 December 2015.  Last updated on 04 November 2016

Monday, October 12th. was the start of the school's multi-cultural week which was organised by Mrs. Johnston. Every class from Nursery to Year 6 took part and each group spent time learning about a country and presenting a display in the school hall. The staff and parents were delighted by the visit of the Mayor and Mayoress of Hillingdon who toured the displays on Wednesday afternoon and spoke to the pupils about their work. A group of musicians played a samba song called Brazil for the duration of the visit.

The fourteen colourful and informative displays featured countries as diverse as England, Japan, France, Namibia, Wales, Tonga, Republic of Ireland and Argentina. The pupils could speak very articulately about  their chosen country and had obviously engaged with the whole process which was a fun way of widening their experience of the world and its many cultures.

South AfricaThe Nursery class presented Gauchada,a folk tale from Argentina, which tells the story of a cowboy who made a moon shaped necklace from bone which he passed on to people he loved. First of all it went to his grandma and was passed down to successive generations. The children made moon necklaces from pasta and at the end of the week were to take them home and give to someone they love. The Reception class made a stunningly eye-catching display of all the animals of South Africa. The pupils who had learnt about New Zealand now know how to perform the Haka, the traditional Maori war dance, and part of their display featured a photograph of them in the playground looking quite fearsome!

All the pupils had put a great deal of effort into their displays which were a credit to them. Many of the parents as well as the Mayor and Mayoress went away having learnt new and interesting facts about many different countries.

First published on 18 October 2015.  Last updated on 03 November 2016

Natasha Baker with pupilsThe first of these events took place on Monday, July 20th. when the school received a special visitor. Natasha Baker MBE, Paralympic double gold medal winner came to present certificates to two pupils in Year 6 who had raised £100 for the South Bucks Riding for the Disabled.

It was a wonderful occasion; she met the pupils, gave a most interesting account of her career, answered questions after the whole school assembly and was kind enough to stay to sign autographs. She was completely charming and an inspiration to everyone.

On Tuesday, July 21st. the school held their Annual Awards Ceremony and was delighted to welcome James Coleman. Head Boy of Bishop Ramsey School as Guest of Honour to present the certificates, medals and cups. He gave a short talk to the pupils, recalling his days as a pupil at BWI and his plans to study medicine.James Coleman presents certificates
Published on 23 July 2015

The Judges and CalebOn Tuesday, July 14th. Bishop Winnington-Ingram Primary School held the Finals of their annual Young Musician of the Year. There were three groups of finalists : Beginner - Grade 2, Ensembles and Grade 3 and Above. The judges, Esme Porter and Louis Cowling, were GCSE Music students from Bishop Ramsey C of E Secondary School who were ex pupils of BWI. The competition was hosted by Mrs. Christine Britton, the school's music specialist, who introduced each pupil.

The solo Beginner performers played a range of instruments which included piano, trumpet, drums, clarinet and ukulele.
Every competitor played with confidence and received an appreciative round of applause at the end of their performance.
At the end of the first section the judges conferred and decided on the winner. Esme Porter, who has been playing the piano for eight years and will be studying Music as one of her A Level subjects, then played the piano which showed some of the young pianists what they could achieve with dedication and practice.

Next came the Ensembles. There were seven groups, three duos and four groups of three or four pupils in an ensemble. Once again there were interesting combinations which were comprised of drums, recorders, drums and vocals, recorder and clarinet, drums, piano and vocals and finally guitar, bass, drums and piano. Louis, having made a joint decision with Esme of the winner for this section, delighted the audience with a superb performance on the drums. This had his young audience swaying to the rhythm and he was rewarded with rapturous applause. It was no surprise to learn that Louis had previously won this competition in 2009 and 2010.

Finally came the Grade 3 and Above solo performers playing a range of instruments: piano, guitar, drums and violin. There were some excellent performances, making it difficult for the judges to choose a winner but after some intense deliberation a winner was chosen. They also had to decide who was to take the title this year and have his/her name inscribed on the cup.

The audience had to wait for the results but didn't mind when they realised that Louis was to perform once again!
At last it was time for the winners to be announced. Mrs. Gill Westbrook, the school's Headteacher, congratulated all the participants on the excellent quality of their performances and thanked Mrs. Britton for all her hard work which provided such an entertaining afternoon. All the group winners received a certificate and a £10 voucher to spend at Pro Music, Ickenham.
The overall winner was presented with a certificate and a voucher worth £25.

The winners were: Beginner-Grade 2: Hyunwoo Kim Ensemble: Zac, Ella, Max, James Grade 3 and Above:Thea Cooke

                                              The Young Musician of the Year 2015 : Caleb HuangThe Ensemble WinnersJudges,Caleb,Hyunwoo and Thea



Published on 17 July 2015

After eleven years as the Headteacher, Mr. Paul Lake is leaving Warrender Junior School at the end of this term. Like most dedicated members of the teaching profession when asked what he would miss most, unsurprisingly Mr.Lake replied : the children. He continued by saying that every day a child will say something that resonates with him, whether serious or humorous; when a child achieves something, however small, that he/she hasn't done before it can be a joy to witness. He also said that he had felt very privileged to have been able to have a special relationship with so many children. What he won't miss is what he described as: all the stuff that takes you away from what is really important - the children. It was like having to juggle so many balls at the same time. He was referring to the fact that these days headteachers have to be diplomats and business managers dealing with a great deal of paperwork.

Mr. Lake will be taking up a post as a Link Tutor, moving from school to school supervising trainee teachers. As he described it: helping to bring on the next generation of teachers. With all his experience his help and advice will be invaluable to them.

Mrs. Lake, who is also a teacher at the school, will be retiring at the end of term. According to her husband, after a short break she will be taking up different areas of voluntary work. They are both volunteers at The Dogs' Trust in Harefield, regularly walking dogs.

In September Mr. Mike Smith will be succeeding Mr. Lake as Headteacher. He has come from a Primary School in Ealing where he held the post of Assistant Headteacher.  Mr. Smith was immediately struck by the warm, friendly atmosphere he encountered when he first visited the school and was impressed by how polite and well-behaved all the children were. This is undoubtedly a tribute to Mr. Lake's tenure as leader. Mr. Smith is currently spending time at the school to facilitate a positive transition so he is better able to maintain the ethos of the school and take it further in the future.

Mr.Paul Lake and Mr. Mike Smith
The Ruislip Residents' Association send Mr Lake their good wishes for the future. He will be greatly missed by his staff, the parents and children of the school whom he has served with dedication making the school what it is today : one of the highly regarded schools in Ruislip. We also wish Mrs. Lake a very happy and fulfilled retirement.

The Association's good wishes also go to Mr. Smith( pictured right)  for a long, happy and successful term as the new Headteacher. Mr. Lake said that both he and the Governors of the school are confident that Mr. Smith is the right person to take the school forward.

First published on 01 July 2015.  Last updated on 20 August 2015

On Friday, May 22nd. the initial inter-faith link between junior schools was made. Thirteen Year 5 pupils from Guru Nanak Sikh Academy/Primary in Hayes, under the supervision of Mrs. Daljeet Kainth, arrived at Bishop Winnington-Ingram C of E Junior School to present interesting facts about their religion and culture to a whole school assembly.

They had prepared an excellent power point presentation to support their presentation; they spoke to their audience very articulately and with amazing confidence for pupils of their age. One of the highlights of the assembly was when one of the Sikh pupils asked the BWI pupils to estimate the length of an untied turban. Eventually, after a selection of suggestions, the correct answer was given : about three metres!!! The audience was then given a demonstration of the correct way to tie a turban which held them spellbound.

The Guru Nanak pupils had brought with them the traditional instruments that are played during worship in the gurdwara which is the Sikh place of worship. They then sang in Punjabi (their cultural language) the Sikh anthem accompanied by pupils playing the harmonium and tabla (drum). Finally the whole gathering joined in the singing of He Has The Whole World In His Hands.

After the assembly the Sikh children were shown round the school by their Year 5 BWI hosts who are currently learning about Sikhism in their RE lessons. They talked and laughed together, some of the boys playing football. All the children said they had enjoyed meeting each other; they all felt they had made new friends and were looking forward to the reciprocal visit next term. Hopefully this will be the beginning of an ongoing project and will help to promote understanding and tolerance of different cultures.
Published on 05 June 2015

School Council Members with the MayorThe following article was written by two pupils : Mia a school prefect and Elena a school councillor:

" On Monday 27th. April, BWI's school council from Years 3, 4 and 5 travelled to the Civic Centre in Uxbridge to meet the Mayor and Mayoress. They wanted to ask them some questions about their local community. Here's the inside story of how the visit went :
Arriving at the centre, we were greeted by Patrick - bodyguard to the Mayor - who took us to the waiting room where the Mayor stays before a council meeting in the chambers. Then, we met the Mayor (Councillor Catherine Dann) and Mayoress (Mrs. Rita Kilroy) and proceeded to the chambers. We all sat down on chairs that the council members would normally sit on and were taught how to ask questions,
The school council needed to raise their hands and wait to be chosen; then, when the Mayor chose someone,they would say: Madam Mayor I have a question. Once madam Mayor had approved, the person would stand and ask the question. One of the questions that was asked was whether the pathway around the back of the school was going to be fixed and maintained for it has overgrown bushes, fences falling in and large amounts of dog fouling.
As a result the Mayor has sent one of the three council warders to visit the school council, prefects, head boy, head girl and deputy heads . He examined the back path and is in the process of making changes for the better.
We then left the chambers and re-entered the waiting room where we were greeted with delicious refreshments. While we ate we viewed some of the chambers' artefacts along with its history. Did you know that a group of Mayors is called
a gang?!
Patrick showed us a miniature mace as touching the real thing would be like placing your hands on the Monarch.
Patrick is licensed to hit anybody who tries to approach the Mayor!!
Returning to school, we felt we were fully knowledgeable about the Mayor and her work. We also had our local councillor, Philip Corthorne, come to our school to see if he could help to get the pathway fixed. He was very impressed with our school. Overall, our trip to the Mayor's Chambers was very informative and hopefully the pathway will be fixed soon. "  

First published on 07 May 2015.  Last updated on 15 April 2016

Playing with the toddlersMy new friendThe following photographs were taken recently of Bishop Winnington-Ingram C of E Primary School pupils with the toddlers at St. Martin's Mother and Toddler Group

               Pupils play with the toddlers                                                                 My new friendLook at me!Give me a cuddle

Published on 12 February 2015
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