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This section provides information for Ruislip residents on Primary education and on local Primary educational institutions in Ruislip, with regular contributions and articles from local Primary schools, including School, pupil and parent activities.

We cover the schools that are actually in Ruislip in detail. Below is a list of the schools including those in the surrounding area.

Primary Schools in and around Ruislip

Information and on-line booking for Starting Primary School in Hillingdon

As part of their community links Year 5 pupils from Bishop Winnington-Ingram C of E Primary School help out once a week at St. Martin's Mother and Toddler Group. The group is run by Mrs. Birch and is held in the church hall every Friday morning.

The three or four pupils are chosen each week by their class teachers and spend about one and a half hours at the group. Parental permission is obtained so the children may take part and they are escorted to and from school and supervised by Mrs. Dawn Braithwaite (HLTA) whilst at the group.

The various activities the pupils help the toddlers with include art and crafts, puzzles, playing with toys and reading stories. There has been very good feedback from the parents/grandparents who say the toddlers really enjoy their interaction with the older children. The experience helps the pupils with their communication skills and increases their confidence.

After each session the pupils have to complete an evaluation form which asks them to say what activities they took part in; whether they had learnt any new skills; how the school's link with the Toddler Group could be improved; whether they would go again if given the opportunity. The children's responses were very thoughtful and positive; everyone said that they would like to attend again.

I asked the three pupils who were there on the morning that I visited what they had particularly enjoyed. I was told:"meeting the toddlers and their parents"; "reading stories to the toddlers"; "helping with the art and craft activity".

This is certainly an excellent way for pupils to develop outside the classroom environment.
Published on 09 February 2015

Choirs at Young Voices ConcertOn Monday, January 26th. I attended the Young Voices Concert at the O2 Arena by invitation from BWI. The school's choir was performing in the concert and were part of 7,386 children from primary school choirs across the country who took part. The concert is the largest children's concert series in the world. The London venue hosted performances for five consecutive evenings to accommodate all the schools who wished to be involved. Concerts are also performed in Birmingham, Manchester and Sheffield.

It really was a truly amazing experience to see and hear so many childen performing in unison. BWI's choir had been rehearsing for several weeks in preparation for the concert. On the day all the choirs involved arrived at the O2 in the morning so they could rehearse together under the direction of the conductor, Mr. David Lawrence.

As the concert began different coloured lights spanned the banks of choirs situated in the upper tiers; this was very effective. The overture, Counting Stars, was performed by the Young Voices Band which included Mr. Stanbridge, a parent of one of the members of the choir. Urban Strides, street dance specialists, were also part of the overture, much to the delight of the choirs. One member of the Crew was an ex-BWI pupil.

Other performers were solo singer Tom Billington (from Watford), MiC LOWRY, a group of five young men from Liverpool who specialise in vocal harmonies and Lucy Spraggan, female vocalist and guitarist who bravely performed inspite of having a broken leg!!
The concerts have supported a variety of charities in the past. The 2015 concert series' chosen charity is Save The Children. The money is raised by asking the audiences to make a donation to the bucket collection as they leave at the end of the evening.

A concert on such a large scale does not come together without a great deal of hard work. Special congratulations must go to the pupils in the choir, but equally to the adults who worked tirelessly preparing them to make the occasion such a success: Mrs. A. Wright, Deputy Head Teacher, Mrs. E. Kimsey (HLTA), Mrs. F. Allen, Mrs. M.Cleary and Mrs. J. Evans.
Well done to you all!!

Susan Midgley.
Published on 30 January 2015

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