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Bishop Winnington-Ingram's Ancient Greek Day

The following articles were written by Year 4 pupils :

                                                                   GREAT GREEK TIMES

On Wednesday 10th. February BWI became Ancient Greek for the day. Aztecs, Tudors and even staff dressed up to make the day outstanding.
The children of Year 4 dressed fabulously as they waited for the action to start. The show had two actresses, one who was a time traveller and the other who assisted her. The time traveller visited Ancient Greece to find out lots of facts, We found out that Ancient Greeks loved the theatre as much as we do!
The time traveller met Zeus, the king of the gods, who helped her with her quest to find facts. We all enjoyed it very much. Mr. Blake alledgedly said, "It was better than a West End show."
After the show we learnt a rap about Ancient Greece as Mrs. Stone said, "I'm a big rap fan." We also went to the next door classroom to practise our acting skills. We acted being slaves, cooks and family members. Overall it was great Greek times.
                                                     Written by Eloise - Year 4

                                                         THE ABSOLUTELY FANTASTIC GREEK DAY!

Ancient Greek day started at school. We all had arrived in beautiful costumes; some wore white and red, some arriving with golden leaves around their heads. Firstly we enetered the hall and there was a white wall in front of us and a lady who looked like a cleaner.
We were told a humorous but interesting story about a time traveller! She met a Greek lady lady who helped us and helot, a slave from Sparta, who moaned a lot. Then we arrived back in class where we saw Gylcasta, a Greek lady, who showed us the layout and what goes on in an Ancient Greek house. Next we met the time traveller who told us about the Olympics which took place in Olympus, Did you know the Greeks did their Olympics naked?
"Greek day was amazing!" Some other people said, "It was funny but I still learnt more!" Greek day was fabulous.

Written by Georgia - Year 4.Time Traveller and her Assistant

Published in Primary on 16 March 2016. Updated on 15 April 2016
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