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Bishop Winnington-Ingram's Year 3's First Nativity Play

On Tuesday, December 6th. the school's Year 3 pupils presented their first Nativity play. They were prepared for their performance by Mrs. Griffiths and Mrs. Perrett. Each scene was introduced by a Narrator; there were attractive backdrops which acted as the different settings and a choir joined the cast members for the songs. Every pupil in the year group was included in the performance.

Mary,Joseph, baby Jesus and some animals in the stableA pupil welcomed the audience to the concert and then the action began. The group of animals on the stage noticed that the town of Bethlehem was very noisy. To the backdrop of the Dove and the words One Bright Light the choir sang One Small Light. The Dove told the animals that there was something special, precious and new that she could take them to see. The cows were told Sing me a song and I'll take you along.The cows responded with the song We wanna mooooove on. They then encounter a flock of sheep who wanted to know where they were going and when told they sang We will follow you and off they went in search of what was happening in Bethlehem. Next the group came across some goats who were intrigued and responded to the Dove's request to sing a song if they wished to join the group. The goats' song was Kid Trouble and then the animals led by the Dove continued on their journey. Finally the animals were joined by donkeys. When they reached Bethlehem they came across Mary, Joseph, baby Jesus in the crib and shepherds in the stable. The whole cast gathered round the crib and sang Away in a Manger. The Three Kings bearing their gifts then arrived and the whole company sang There Is A King.Singing the Final Song

This was a truly delightful performance and the children's enjoyment was clearly evident as they were all fully engaged in what they were doing.

Mrs. Westbrook, Headteacher, congratulated the children and thanked the audience for attending. At the end of the performance there was a collection to support the Down's Syndrome Association.

Published in Primary on 27 January 2017.
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