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Bishop Winnington-Ingram's Year 4 Production

On Tuesday, March 28th. Year 4 pupils presented their production of King Midas and the Golden Touch in front of a large audience of parents, grandparents and friends in the school hall.

King Midas and his Courtiers
The show began with the entrance of King Midas (played by Reggie) who had rose petals strewn in his path before taking his place on his golden throne. The whole company then sang the opening song relating the story of the king and his love for his golden possessions with which he was obsessed and spent all day and every day polishing them. It was obvious from the outset that his courtiers were not happy with a king who did not take his role seriously.

King Midas and his ChefsWe were then introduced to his Chefs for whom we were told he had a soft spot.This was illustrated by the king's action of stroking his protruding belly which brought laughter from the audience. They sang We Cook And We Bake which was accompanied by their actions of stirring ingredients in their red mixing bowls. King Midas was then presented with a large amount of food.

The chefs were followed by the Financial  Advisors who were trying to speak to the king about the need for repairs to the city's crumbling buildings. However, the king dismissed this and is more concerned with counting his gold coins. This brought us to the next song, So Much Money which included reference to the fact that he spent very little time with the Queen (played by Daisy) and his daughter, Princess Marigold (played by Brooke) as he was only interested in acquiring more and more golden possessions.

The king was very fond of new clothes (with gold trimmings, naturally!) so the next group who came on stage were the Seamstresses who performed the song Measuring And Cutting whilst the king was measured for new clothes. They illustrated the lyrics (measuring, cutting, stitching, adjusting, creating, designing and aligning) with appropriate actions in time to the music.

It was then time for The Royal Snooze which provided an opportunity for the audience to hear from the Queen. She explained how lonely she was in her song Day After Day which was beautifully performed by Daisy who was able to poignantly make the audience aware of her sad situation of the growing distance between her and King Midas.Eventually the whole company joined in with the song. This was certainly one of the memorable parts of the show.

It was becoming increasingly obvious that the king's subjects were very dissatisfied with what was happening to their once beautiful city as the king was neglecting his duties. This was conveyed in the song Our Beautiful City which was performed to the backdrop of a crumbling ancient city which was very effective. There was also background noise of subjects rioting outside the palace. The king was prepared to allow only two representatives of the people to voice their complaints in his presence.

Suddenly a stranger dressed in a black hooded costume appeared on stage who claimed that he could grant the king One Wish. Of course, as expected, the king wishes for everything that he touched would turn to gold. He is granted his wish and then the roses in the garden, his food and even his daughter turn to gold following his touch. The latter was cleverly portrayed by Princess Marigold being replaced by a life size cardboard representation of her. The company then sang Beware which warned that the obsession for possessions had caused tragedy. Nobody now wanted to touch the king and he is left alone trembling on his throne. Finally he realised how selfish and greedy he had been and wishes he could turn back time. At this point the stranger in the hooded black cape reappeared and reversed the wish as the king has learned his lesson. For the first time in many years he suggested a walk in the garden to smell the roses with his wife and daughter. The final song Turn It Around was performed by the whole year group to a backdrop of a beautiful garden.

The message of the story of King Midas was clearly conveyed by this great production; i.e. there are more important things in life than possessions - love, friendship and family. Credit obviously goes to the pupils who performed fantastically but also to Mrs. Kernot, Mrs. Stone and the Teaching Assistants who put in so much time and effort in preparing and rehearsing pupils for this production that was thoroughly enjoyed by every member of the audience who showed their appreciation at the end with their enthusiastic applause.

Published in Primary on 30 March 2017. Updated on 15 April 2017
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