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Lady Bankes Junior School's Music Concert 2017

On Thursday, June 22nd. the School held its Music Concert in the school hall. A large number of pupils play a variety of musical instruments supported by a team of dedicated peripatetic teachers.

The concert began with a solo piano performance of three pieces from Daniel Macholl, Year 4, a talented young musician who also plays the violin and drums. The day following the concert Daniel was taking a music exam. His performance was followed by a variety of violin solos. Another confident piano solo was then given by Olivia Antoni who played On Parade. The next performance was from a trio playing the Clarineo, an instrument that all Year 3 pupils are currently learning. The performers were: Angielina Isaacs, Zoe Morse & Grace Yorath who gave a lively performance of The Saints Go marching In. Another pupil who is about to take a music exam is Ruby Quill who played the same tune on the piano.

Caitlin & Reuben MooreIt was then the turn of the Brass solos and duets to perform. Year 4 twins Caitlin & Reuben Moore entertained the audience with a duet on the french horn which they have been learning for 18 months. Then Caitlin played Hot Chilli and she was followed by Reuben who played Buttercup Farm. William Cooney then played Jumping Jack on the cornet and Thomas Nettleship played a Mozart Aria on a distinctive blue trombone. There was then another piano solo by Sachi Desai.

The next item on the programme was the Guitar solos and duets. All the performers were supported by Mr. Joe Card their peripatetic teacher and each performer introduced him/herself and announced the name of the piece they were to play. The guitarists were Kacie Wilson-O'Neill, Alice Pye, Emma Buckley, Giovanni Golia and Hattie Everson. Their performances were followed by another piano solo by Emma Madden.

Keyboard and flute solos were next. The performers were Rafi Rusal, Cassie Southgate, Rebecca Payne and Amy Newton on the flute. They were followed by a pianist, Asha Mikulko who played Attitude.

Sophia Hoey on DrumsSome very distinctive Drumming solos followed : one outstanding performance of Munky Fusic was by the talented Daniel Macholl. Another memorable performance was given by Sophia Hoey who confidently  performed a lively Base Drum Independence solo. Other drummers in this group were : Nathan Skinner, Jack Hacket, Charlie Martin, Lola Lambie-Bowden & Caitlin Wright. These performances were followed by the seventh piano solo from Amy Newton who played The Rainbow.

The penultimate performers were the Year 5 & 6 Guitarists who were : Alfie King, John Cave, Daniel Brown & Daniel Fenlon.

David Chen
The Concert closed with three piano solos from another talented pianist, David Chen, Year 5  who played three pieces : Maypole Leaf Rag, Polka Pach Canon & Hall Of The Mountain King. David played with great feeling, bringing out the emotion of the music.

Mrs. Kate Needs, Headteacher, congratulated the pupils on their performances and thanked everyone for attending, She also paid tribute to the work of the five Peripatetic Music Teachers and Mrs. L Saunders for her excellent organisation.

It certainly was a very entertaining evening.

Published in Primary on 24 June 2017.
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