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This section provides information for Ruislip residents on Secondary education and on the local Secondary educational institutions in Ruislip, with contributions and articles from the Secondary schools within the RRA area.

We cover the schools that are actually in Ruislip in detail. Below is a list of the schools including those in the surrounding area.

Secondary Schools in and around Ruislip

Information and on-line application for Starting Secondary School in Hillingdon

From Monday, July 17th. to Wednesday, July 19th. the school presented its production of the musical Guys and Dolls. The school's productions seem to get better every year and this one did not disappoint.

The musical is set in 1930s New York where all the gamblers are in town and depending on the small time gambler, Nathan Detroit ( played by Alfie Hall ), to secure a venue for "The Oldest Established Floating Crap Game in New York". The opening scene is on Broadway where three small time gamblers, Benny Southstreet ( played by Nathan Pike ), Benny & Nicely-Nicely arguingJoey Biltmore ( played by Christopher Tarsey ) and Nicely-Nicely Johnson (played by Miles Da Silva ) are arguing over which horse will win a big race. The band directed by Mrs. S. Neale, Head of Music, strike up the rousing "Fugue for Tinhorns" . The members of Save-a-Soul Mission , led by Sergeant Sarah Brown (played by Deborah Jardine), arrive with their banners urging the gamblers to repent their sins and "Follow the Fold"  which Sarah sings joined by the chorus.

In order to secure the Biltmore garage for the crap game, Nathan Detroit needs $1000. However, he is broke so decides to make a bet he believes he cannot lose with Sky Masterson (played by Louis McDonnell) who is renowned for betting on anything. Sky must take a "doll" of Nathan's choice to dinner in Havana, a bet that he accepts. Nathan chooses Sarah Brown.

Nathan visits The Hot Box Night Club to watch his fiancee of fourteen years, Miss Adelaide ( played by Eleaner Taylor) perform her act supported by the very cheeky debutantes! She sings Bushel and a Peck. Later left on her own she laments the fact that Nathan has not yet committed to marriage which has resulted in her suffering  from a psychosomatic cold.

Sky sets about pursuing Sarah and they both sing I'll Know about how they will know when the right guy/doll for them will come along. Sarah eventually falls for Sky's charms and agrees to accompany him for dinner in the Cafe Cuba Cabana in Havana. The audience is then treated to a wonderful scene with Cuban dancing and a saxaphone solo from Billy Grimmell while the pair have dinner. When they arrive back to New York  it is 4.00am. As they stand outside the Mission Billy Grimmell plays in the Cafe Cuba CabanaSky tells Sarah that this is his favourite time of day and that she is the only woman he's ever wanted to share it with. They spontaneously admit that they are in love and sing I've Never been In Love Before. Gamblers suddenly pour out of the Mission where Nathan has been holding a crap game. Sarah accuses Sky of only taking her to Havana so this could happen and rejects his protests of innocence.

The opening of Act 11 returns to the night club where Adelaide is performing Take Back Your Mink with another saucy routine from the debutantes. Nathan, who has finally agreed to marry her, has arranged to meet her for the planned elopement that evening but he is still at the crap game in the sewer. She realises that he has stood her up yet again and she sings Adelaide's Second Lament. Scene 11 features the crap game where Sky gives Nathan $1000 as he had won their bet. In order to ensure he keeps his promise to Sarah to bring a dozen souls to the Mission which is in danger of closing, he bets everyone at the game $1000 against their souls. If he wins they must all attend a prayer meeting at the Mission. Then follows one of the shows well-known songs Luck Be A lady Tonight . This was one of the highlights of the show due in no small part by the brilliant choreography by Blyth Mcpherson.  Sky wins his bet and the gamblers make their way to the Mission.

Later that night Sarah and Adelaide run into each other on the street where they commiserate and then resolve to marry their men anyway and reform them later. This was another show-stopping moment when Deborah & Eleaner performed the song Marry The Man Today.

All good romantic musicals have a happy ending and this one was no exception. Sky marries Sarah and Nathan and Adelaide are married in the Mission which will remain open. The whole cast and chorus reprise the title song Guys and Dolls.

There were some brilliant performances, particularly from the main characters, many of whom are in Year 9 and 10 so have a few more shows in them. This report would be incomplete without mentioning Mr Wilcock's great performance of Lt. Brannigan, a local police officer, who keeps his eye on the gamblers and their exploits.

This fantastic show would not have come together without the many hours of rehearsals directed by Mrs. Simmons  Mrs. Neale, their assistants, the Technical Crew, Matthew Ide (Sound), Mrs M Mcpherson & Mrs J Mcpherson
as well as all the other staff and students involved.

Published on 19 July 2017

The School held its annual Prize Giving for students in Years 7 - 10 on June 15th. in the school hall. The proceedings began with a Speech of Welcome delivered by the student hosts for the evening, Alfie Hall and Charlotte Mitchell, from Year 10. The prizes were presented by the Guest of Honour, The Revd. Nigel Genders, Chief Education Officer for the Church of England.

The first prizes were awarded to Year 7 students who "Had embraced the challenge of starting in a Secondary School". The next prize which was for English Years 7 - 10 went to Ciara Jenkinson. This was followed by a range of prizes within the Expressive Arts Faculty; each student was introduced by Mrs Helen Simmons, Head of Faculty. Among the recipients were Deborah Jardine who was awarded the John Cule (the school's first Headteacher) prize for Drama. Both hosts for the evening were presented with a prize; Charlotte Mitchell ( Physical Education) and Alfie Hall (Performance in a School Production).

Year 8 Form Prizes were then awarded. This was followed by prizes for Geography, History, Mathematics, Modern Foreign Languages and Religious Education. Year 9 prizes were next and the audience was informed that the students had been involved in raising money for charity. The Science awards and prizes for a range of subjects within the Social Studies Faculty were then presented. All but one of the prizes were given to Year 9 - 10  students; however Alexander Williams, Year 7 was given the prize for Citizenship as he displayed " wisdom, kindness and consideration ". Two prizes for Work Experience were then presented . The Year 10 Form Prizes followed and one of our hosts, Alfie Hall , collected his second prize of the evening.

Finally seven Special Prizes were awarded. Among these were : The Prize for commitment to the community and independent spirit which went to Isaac Stanbridge, Year 10, who helped to save the life of a man who had collapsed in Ruislip High Street; Daniel Treacher, Year 9 was awarded a prize for Courage and Determination for overcoming personal difficulties and Mr. Ronnie Welch, Friends of Bishop Ramsey, for Service to the School.

The audience was then given a preview of the school's July production of Guys and Dolls and were entertained with a lively performance of Sue Me from the musical by Fleur Mahdessi-Sarkissian,Year 12 and Christopher Tarsey, Year 10.

The Revd Nigel Genders
was then invited to give his address. He told the students that Education was not just to gain qualifications which would lead to a career that would pay a high salary. Developing wisdom was, in his view, the main purpose of education. He encouraged students to discern what was of true value and worth; to relate and interact with others; to form meaningful relationships; to strive to make a difference and learn what it is to be inspired. Deborah Jardine, Year 10, thenAlfie Hall and Charlotte Mitchell gave a very professional performance of The Sound of Music.

Mrs. Watson, Acting Head of School,
presented her report on the school's academic,sporting, dramatic and musical achievements from the last academic year. She was thanked by the hosts. Finally the audience was invited to join in the singing of the hymn Be Still, for the presence of the Lord. The first verse was beautifully sung by Harmoni Swaby, Year 9 +who had earlier won a prize for Music despite only recently having joined the school.

After the Final Blessing the audience, having been thanked for attending, were reminded that there would be a retiring collection for Bishop Ramsey's partner school, Malosa School in Malawi.
Published on 23 June 2017

On a hot day in May Bishop Ramsey Book Club members attended the Annual Hillingdon Book of the Year in the Middlesex Suite at the Civic Centre in Uxbridge.

This year's shortlisted books were:

                                                 Barefoot On The Wind                 Zoe Marriott
                                                 The Demon Undertaker                Cameron McAllister
                                                 Cuckoo                                       Keren David
                                                 Accidental Superstar                    Marianne Levy
                                                 Wonder Boy                                 Nicole Burstein
                                                 The Power Of Dark                        Robin Jarvis

On arrival students voted for their favourite books and were allocated an author's table. Mark Jones, the compere for the day, then introduced the authors.
The day comprised of the students taking part in presentation workshops with their author and students from other schools in the borough. Through the morning the groups devised and rehearsed their short presentations which, after refreshments, were presented to the other groups and to a panel which included The Worshipful the Mayor of Hillingdon, Councillor Carol Melvin. This was followed by a guest authors' panel discussion with questions and answers whilst the important votes were counted.
The Mayor then announced the winners of the best presentation which was the group led by Nicole Burnstein and her book Wonder Boy. Then came the most important moment of the day as the Mayor announced the winner of the coveted Hillingdon Book of the Year which was Barefoot On The Wind by Zoe Marriott. The author was delighted, stating that she had never won anything before.
The day ended with photos, certificate presentations and autographs plus a picnic in the sunshine. Thanks were expressed to Miss Neal (Senior Librarian), Mrs. Haywood and Mr.Foote for their help during the day.
Tania, one of the students who attended the event and worked in Zoe Marriott's group to prepare a presentation, said : It was an amazing experience to go to the Hillingdon Book of the Year award and work with authors who you connected with as a reader. I would love to go again.
Published on 14 June 2017

On Thursday March 9th. the school held their annual Spring Concert. Once again it was confidently hosted by Year 11 students Leah Russell and Amie Sullivan. The programme was made up of all the ensembles that rehearse throughout the term and included items from the Year 13 students who will be leaving this summer, many of whom have taken part in every concert during their time at the school. There was something for every musical taste from classical music, to musical theatre, jazz and popular music.

The concert opened with a performance by the Wind and Concert band who performed the traditional Come lovely Chloris and was followed by We Are Young specially arranged by student Sophie Philbrook which was her first arrangement. The next item was by the Ramsey Rockers, an ensemble that has grown in numbers and repertoire. They performed the 2005 hit How to Save a Life. The Glee Club XS were next to perform. Somewhere Only We Know by Lily Allen which was suggested by the choir for their performance with the lovely harmonies of the piece faultlessly sung. There were solo performances by Georgia Walford and Louise Cox,Year 13. This was followed by a performance by String Z led by Miss Rottmann who played an arrangement of the popular baroque choral piece Jesu Joy of Man's Desiring.

The Harmony ChoirAlexander Williams with the Jazz bandThe next item on the programme was by the Harmony Choir who performed the pop song Crazy by Gnarls Barkley which won a Grammy nomination in 2007. It was full of great harmonies and great backing vocals. The next performance was by the Jazz Band who played the swing tune Arts Groove by Frank Griffiths. The band is mostly made up of sixth form students; however, an addition to this group was Year 7 student Alexander Williams who gave a competent performance on the trumpet. Alexander also gave a very confident improvised solo. The Ramsey Rockers then performed the classic 1990's tune Smells Like Teen Spirit by Nirvana. The lead singer, Hannah Shephard, gave a very strong performance. For several of the Year 13 musicians, it was their final school concert. Esme Porter played the Jazz piece on the piano which she will play in her A Level recital in two weeks' time.

Olivia Leszczynski and Emilie WrightAndrei Anghel at the pianoOlivia Leszczynski and Emilie Wright performed their own arrangement of a pop song. The concluding performance of the first half of the concert was from the very talented musician, Andrei Anghel, Year 11. He chose to play on the piano Bach's Prelude and Fugue. Andrei also plays the violin and will soon be auditioning for a place in the Purcell School of Music and the prestigious Yehudi Menuhin School in Cobham, Surrey. Good luck with these auditions, Andrei.

The refreshments served during the interval were provided by the "Friends of Bishop Ramsey".

The combined Wind and Concert bands opened the second half with a performance of Can You Feel The Love Tonight? by Elton John. There followed performances by the groups who had performed in the first part of the concert. One memorable item in this part of the concert was by the Harmony Choir who sang Something Inside So Strong by Labbi Saffre. The lyrics are jointly about the writer's experiences as a black man in apartheid South Africa and his struggle to be accepted as a gay man. The song is so inspirational that it won an Ivor Novello Award for "Best song musically and lyrically" and has been used In Amnesty  International campaigns. The choir certainly did the song justice with their moving interpretation. Another notable performance was by the musical theatre group, Unity, who performed School Song from the popular musical Mathilda. With their own choreography, they gave a performance full of energy and fun which was greeted with appreciative applause at the end.

The concert concluded with a performance by the Wind and Concert Bands who played Uptown Girl by Billy Joel and The Beatles Remembered arranged by Jack Bullock.

At the end of the evening Mrs. Neale, Head of Music, and her colleague Miss Rottmann were presented with bouquets by senior students for all their efforts in preparing all the musicians for this very enjoyable concert.

Published on 12 March 2017

Annie Sullivan and Liah RussellOn Thursday, November 17th. Bishop Ramsey C of E School held their annual St.Cecilia concert. The two hosts for the evening were Year 11 students, Liah Russell and Amie Sullivan, who welcomed the audience and introduced all the performers. These two young ladies also gave solo performances in Harmony's rendition of Rise Up - Beyonce, which was the fourth item on the programme. This group rehearses every Thursday morning and is for singers who want more of a challenge. Mrs. Neale, Head of Music, has encouraged the group every week to channel their inner Beyonce.

The concert opened with Glee Club XS's uplifting performance of Fight Song - Rachel Platten. During rehearsals the  performers are assisted by Year 11 and Sixth Form student Leaders. There were a number of Year 7 students in the group performing in their first concert.

The next item on the programme was piano recital by Jesse Deng, an A Level Music student who has opted to specialise in performance in the second year of the course which means he will have to perform a fifteen minute recital as part of the exam. He played a jazz piece, Wise Bud by Jason Rebello, named after the American pianist and composer Bud Powell.
This performance was followed by the Ramsey Rockers - New Generation, a new group who is led by sixth formers. For most of this group, this was their first concert performance. They played Holiday, a song that was first released in 2005 and is in a fairly difficult key so the performers did well to learn it in just seven weeks.

The final performances of Part 1 were presented by StringZ who were led by Miss Rottman, who played Edelweiss - Rogers & Hammerstein and Humoreseque - Dvorak. This was followed by a lively and very professional performance by Unity of Hard Knock Life from the musical Annie. Unity is the new name for the musical theatre group - the only group that has an audition process. Most of the members were in the group last year and the school is very proud of them as part of their excellent work they won £10,000 from the Disney company with which the school has purchased their new staging.
Part One drew to a close with a performance of Night Run - Eddie Harvey by the Jazz Band.

The Friends of Bishop Ramsey provided refreshments during the interval.

Part two opened with a performance by the Wind Band led by Miss Hunt who played the Blue Danube Walz by Johann Strauss 11. Most of the performers also play in the Concert Band. Next came the return of Harmony who performed the song All Of Me by John Legend which he wrote for his wife and reached Number 1 in 2014. The second A Level performance was given by Esme Porter who played Allegro, a piece from the early classical era by the composer Johann Krebs, a little known composer who had a much more famous piano and organ teacher in J.S.Bach.
The Jazz Band
Further performances followed by Glee Club XS, Jazz Band(which featured Ruben the drummer, a Year 11 student, He is a very keen musician and last summer was one of the youngest students to tour with Hillingdon Music Service to Greece), Ramsey Rockers (older generation) and finally a rousing performance of I Got Rhythm by the Concert Band which had the audience clapping in time. A brilliant encore was provided by the Jazz Band who played Go Johnny Go.

There was a retiring collection to raise money for Malosa School in Malawi which staff and students will revisit next year.

Published on 21 November 2016

It has been estimated that there will be a lack of Secondary places for children in the Borough by 2018. This must cause concern for parents of pupils currently in local Junior Schools. Residents may have recently read in the local paper about the Bishop Ramsey Academy Trust's successful bid to build the Bishop Arden Church of England School for students from 11-18 of the Christian faiths, world faiths and no faith. This school is due to open in September 2018.

Recently Hillingdon Council has been given permission by the Department for Education to build two more new free schools in Hillingdon. These are Hillingdon High School and Orchard Hill Special Free School. Hillingdon High School is a joint proposal from the Head Teachers of Ruislip High School, Haydon School, Northwood School, Vyners School and Queensmead School. The bid was made in response to the news from Hillingdon Council that there could be an estimated 349 pupils without a secondary school place by September 2019.

All three proposed schools now enter the pre-opening stage, which includes finding a location, pupil recruitment and staffing.
At present it is still not clear who made the bid to launch the special school or where in the borough it would be located.

However, it must be some consolation to parents to know that the Council is already making plans to ensure that all local children have the choice of a suitable secondary school place which is the right of every child.

Watch this space for updates.

Published on 16 October 2016

On Tuesday, September 13th. the school held its annual Prize Giving for students from Years 11 - 13 for achivement in the academic year 2015-6. The evening began with a speech of welcome by Lee Massingham, Head Boy and Kesia Wills, Head Girl. The prizes were presented by Dr. Irene Bishop, CBE, the Guest of Honour. The first group of prizes were awarded for English, Expressive Arts, Humanities and Year 11 Form Prizes. Every award winner was introduced by an appropriate member of staff who explained why the student had been awarded the prize which provided a personal touch for the audience which consisted mainly of parents and friends.Many prizes were obviously awarded for academic achievement but Bishop Ramsey also recognises and rewards students who display other admirable qualities. Ben Layde, Year 11 and Luke Black, Year 13 received St. Lawrence Church Prizes for Resilience.

During a break in the presentation of prizes the audience was entertained by Frances Lay and Esme Porter, both Year 12 students, who played Run by Leona Lewis on violin and piano.

There followed prizes awarded for Mathematics, Modern Foreign Languages, Religious Education, Sixth Form Challenge, Science, Social Studies and Technology. Prizes for an Outstanding Contribution to School Life were then presented to Year 12 and Year 13 students. Next came prizes for Academic Excellence and Outstanding Achievement which included the Jacob Sawyerr Prize for Endeavour awarded to Iona White and Alys Hollyer both Year 13 students. Jacob Sawyerr is a former student of the school who suffered a brain haemorrhage whilst playing football in 2014. Jacob is a very determined young man who continues to make a recovery. Anna Seevaratnam and Lewis Henderson were presented  with the Head Teacher's Award for Head Girl and Head Boy by Mr. Wilcock.

Rachel Gynn and Emilie CunningMr. Wilcock also recognises the contributions of a number of teachers and support staff and awards were presented to
Mrs. N. Frost, Mr. R. Hampton, Mr. A Jeffries, Mrs. L. Morrison, Miss E. Neal, Mrs. S. Ngochi and Mrs. K. Ross.

Although there were many worthy prize winners, a few students deserve a special mention; Emilie Cunning and Rachel Gynn each received three prizes and have secured places at Cambridge University to read Government and Politics and Economics respectively. Another student who was also awarded three prizes was the very talented musician, Alison Waller, who will be furthering her studies at Leicester University.

Dr. Irene Bishop, CBE.Following the prize giving there was an inspiring address by Dr. Irene Bishop, CBE. She began by telling the students how education can really change lives. She continued by telling a true story of a mother's struggle to support her children through difficult times, illness and poverty. However, this woman believed passionately in the value of education and always said her son and daughter would go to university and the daughter would become a teacher. Sadly the mother died in her late forties but the siblings continued with their education and,indeed, did both go to university. After a pause Dr. Bishop said that the daughter was her. The story truly proved that if you have belief you can achieve your dreams. Dr. Bishop has been a Head Teacher and is greatly respected in the world of education. The audience was certainly moved by the account of her early life.

Finally Mr. Wilcock gave his Annual Report, the Head Boy and Head Girl thanked Dr. Bishop for presenting the prizes and her address. This was followed by a hymn and Final Blessing.

First published on 26 September 2016.  Last updated on 03 November 2016

The school's Music and Drama departments have done it again! This time it was the presentation of the musical Oliver during three evenings of the last week of term. It was a stunning show which included performers across the year groups.

Part of the school hall had been converted to represent a Victorian public house where the audience sat at tables to watch the performance unfold. Many times during the show the actors moved round the tables interacting with the audience.

The final performance was on Thursday, July 14th and on this occasion the part of Oliver was very ably played by Deborah Jardine, Year 9. Her rendition of Where is love? in Act 1 was very moving. Other memorable performances were from Nathan Pike, Year 8 as Noah Claypole, Christopher Tarsey, Year 9 as The Artful Dodger and Georgia Carver, Year 13, whose performance of As long as he needs me in Act 2 was a showstopper - so full of powerful emotion. Other outstanding performances were given by Alexander Wheeler, Year 13 as Fagin and Toby Poole, Year 13, who played the bullying and controlling Bill Sykes with conviction.
Noah Claypole, Oliver and The Artful DodgerFaginBill Sykes and Nancy
The acting director was Mrs. Helen Simmons who was assisted by Tom Carr, Year 13 and the sound director was Mr. Malcom Britton. Mrs. Sue Neale and Miss Sarah Rottman were the musical directors.

For the performers from Year 13 this show was the end of a journey as many of them had been performing together since Year 7. However, it was very evident that the school has plenty of upcoming talent for the future.
Published on 25 July 2016
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