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Bishop Ramsey School's Years 7 - 10 Prize Giving 2017

The School held its annual Prize Giving for students in Years 7 - 10 on June 15th. in the school hall. The proceedings began with a Speech of Welcome delivered by the student hosts for the evening, Alfie Hall and Charlotte Mitchell, from Year 10. The prizes were presented by the Guest of Honour, The Revd. Nigel Genders, Chief Education Officer for the Church of England.

The first prizes were awarded to Year 7 students who "Had embraced the challenge of starting in a Secondary School". The next prize which was for English Years 7 - 10 went to Ciara Jenkinson. This was followed by a range of prizes within the Expressive Arts Faculty; each student was introduced by Mrs Helen Simmons, Head of Faculty. Among the recipients were Deborah Jardine who was awarded the John Cule (the school's first Headteacher) prize for Drama. Both hosts for the evening were presented with a prize; Charlotte Mitchell ( Physical Education) and Alfie Hall (Performance in a School Production).

Year 8 Form Prizes were then awarded. This was followed by prizes for Geography, History, Mathematics, Modern Foreign Languages and Religious Education. Year 9 prizes were next and the audience was informed that the students had been involved in raising money for charity. The Science awards and prizes for a range of subjects within the Social Studies Faculty were then presented. All but one of the prizes were given to Year 9 - 10  students; however Alexander Williams, Year 7 was given the prize for Citizenship as he displayed " wisdom, kindness and consideration ". Two prizes for Work Experience were then presented . The Year 10 Form Prizes followed and one of our hosts, Alfie Hall , collected his second prize of the evening.

Finally seven Special Prizes were awarded. Among these were : The Prize for commitment to the community and independent spirit which went to Isaac Stanbridge, Year 10, who helped to save the life of a man who had collapsed in Ruislip High Street; Daniel Treacher, Year 9 was awarded a prize for Courage and Determination for overcoming personal difficulties and Mr. Ronnie Welch, Friends of Bishop Ramsey, for Service to the School.

The audience was then given a preview of the school's July production of Guys and Dolls and were entertained with a lively performance of Sue Me from the musical by Fleur Mahdessi-Sarkissian,Year 12 and Christopher Tarsey, Year 10.

The Revd Nigel Genders
was then invited to give his address. He told the students that Education was not just to gain qualifications which would lead to a career that would pay a high salary. Developing wisdom was, in his view, the main purpose of education. He encouraged students to discern what was of true value and worth; to relate and interact with others; to form meaningful relationships; to strive to make a difference and learn what it is to be inspired. Deborah Jardine, Year 10, thenAlfie Hall and Charlotte Mitchell gave a very professional performance of The Sound of Music.

Mrs. Watson, Acting Head of School,
presented her report on the school's academic,sporting, dramatic and musical achievements from the last academic year. She was thanked by the hosts. Finally the audience was invited to join in the singing of the hymn Be Still, for the presence of the Lord. The first verse was beautifully sung by Harmoni Swaby, Year 9 +who had earlier won a prize for Music despite only recently having joined the school.

After the Final Blessing the audience, having been thanked for attending, were reminded that there would be a retiring collection for Bishop Ramsey's partner school, Malosa School in Malawi.

Published in Secondary on 23 June 2017.
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