Parks and open spaces

Parks and Open Spaces includes not only matters concerning the town parks and formal gardens within the Association's membership area, but also footpaths and bridleways, and the provision and management of allotments.

This Section now incorporates our Woodlands pages.

Despite the overwhelming local opposition to the Club’s previous proposals for a second
all-weather synthetic pitch they have recently submitted a new planning application.  
This was discussed at the last Executive Committee meeting on 02/01/13, when it was unanimously agreed that the Association should lodge a formal objection.  The latest proposal encroaches further into the Fields than the earlier schemes and now includes the construction of a private car park, which will necessitate the removal of some trees.

The Council have recently adopted their new Local Plan and the Hillingdon Landscape Character Assessment (HCLA) document.  In these the Council has expressed a desire to conserve and enhance the open character of meadows with long open views along the River Pinn Corridor, which includes Kings College Fields.  One of the views in the HLCA document is identical to that across the application site and this would be ruined if the proposed pitch was allowed (see pictures).

Other aspects of the proposal which continue to be of concern are ;-
• the enclosure of a public open space for the exclusive use of a private club
• the impact on the local ecology
• increase in traffic with the associated congestion, noise and pollution 
• light pollution on both the River Pinn Corridor and the local night skyline
• increased risk of flooding in surrounding areas. 
• the contribution of public grant funds towards an expensive facility in a flood plain.  In the event of a flood it is likely that substantial refurbishment costs would be incurred.

Full details of the application may be viewed on the Council website


Published on 08 January 2013

The winning projects, voted for by Hillingdon residents, were improvements to the children's play areas in Shenley Park and Pine Gardens.   The award is part of Hillingdon Council's Feel PROUD campaign and the projects will share up to
£50,000 of funding through the Chrysalis programme, which funds improvements to the borough.

Published on 07 November 2012

Hillingdon gained a Silver Gilt Award in the Large City category at the Royal Horticultural Society Britain in Bloom  National Awards for 2012.   Hillingdon was selected to represent London in this annual event involving 1,200 UK
communities, from big cities to small villages as part of the RHS campaign to green-up and clean-up Britain.

Published on 07 November 2012

The Cabinet Meeting of 25 October 2012 also agreed to revisions to existing entries on the ‘Local List of Buildings of Architectural and Historic Importance’ and public consultation on proposed new entries onto it.  Officers to action: Nairita Chakraborty & Sarah Harper – Planning, Environment, Education and Community Services. 

The following URLs are links to Revised Entries and New Entries respectively, some of which will be of interest to RRA Members



Published on 07 November 2012

Following public consultation, Cabinet Meeting of 25 October 2012 approved the Landscape Character Assessment of the Borough in order to provide a comprehensive evidence base to influence Hillingdon’s local planning policies and development management decisions.   Due to the need to make some” minor changes” to the Assessment to take into account “additional views” from residents, Cabinet agreed to delegate authority to do this before the final version was published.   Officer to action: Charmian Baker – Planning, Environment, Education and Community Services.

A copy of the document is available for downloading, but please be aware this is a very large file.
Published on 07 November 2012

Charlara fraxinea, or ash dieback as it is better known, has been heavily covered in the media over recent days.  It is currently not known to be present in London, but this is no guarantee that it is not here.   A disease of this type will not only affect the countryside and rural areas but inner city parks, gardens and woodlands.   Ash is among the most common type of tree in the city.   More information is available on the Hilligdon Council web site at:-

Published on 07 November 2012

A FoPM Working Party recently discovered that a colony of newts had made their home on Pinn Meadows.   They were identified as Common or Smooth Newts in their terrestrial phase, with characteristic velvety skins, by Will Atkins of the London, Essex and Hertfordshire Amphibian and Reptile Trust.
While Smooth Newts are not afforded the same protection under UK law as Great Crested Newts, you’ll understand why we’re not revealing exactly where they were found.   Great Crested Newts are known to be present at sites in both Highgrove and Park Woods – both reasonably close to King’s College Playing Field.
First published on 02 October 2012.  Last updated on 12 October 2012

FoPM has been successful in its bid to obtain Chrysalis funding to improve public access, including stretches of the Celandine Route, so that it can be enjoyed year round.   This work will start in the autumn.

The footpaths along the Celandine Route will be upgraded to avoid them becoming muddy during spells of wet weather.   Two new benches and two litter bins will also be provided along the Celandine Route.

A new information panel will be installed, outlining the history of the Meadows and describing some of the species that can now be found there.    Bat boxes and bird boxes will be installed around Pinn Meadows, and there will be an Information Board describing the wildlife and natural habitat of the area.

Bollards will facilitate permanent access to the public car park in Kings College Road, adjacent to the existing all-weather hockey pitch, and protect the grass around it.   Trees will be planted along the street line to provide screening of the existing all-weather pitch and a gate will be installed to provide safe access from Pinn Meadows to Park Avenue.

The project was developed in consultation with Hillingdon Countryside and Conservation Officer, Dragana Knezevic.  The application was supported by Ward Councillors Bruce Baker and Catherine Dann, Ruislip Residents’ Association and the Eastcote Village Conservation Advisory Panel.
First published on 02 October 2012.  Last updated on 12 October 2012
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