Rubbish and Recycling

Rubbish and Recycling covers the collection of domestic refuse – weekly timetables, provision of bags and containers, for example – and concerns over recycling and disposal.  General waste management issues are also covered, including commercial waste problems and fly tipping.

Residents can now sign up to have recycling bags delivered automatically four times a year so you never run out before collection day.   Residents currently pick up recycling bags from Hillingdon libraries, order them online or call the Council. This new service is designed to save money by reducing the amount of time spent by staff processing requests, but the press release does not state whether these other methods will remain available for residents not opting for automatic delivery.
Published on 17 June 2013

An item under the heading WEST LONDON WASTE PLAN: DRAFT PROPOSED SUBMISSION VERSION was withdrawn from consideration by Hillingdon Council Cabinet at their meeting on 23 May.   Approval had been given by the Cabinet in November 2011 to proceed with consultation on the proposed Submission Draft West London Waste Plan. 

The minutes include a report which explains the reasons why further redrafting of the Plan has since been required, and seeks approval to proceed with consultation on the revised Plan. 

The only sites in Hillingdon that appear to be affected are the existing Victoria Road Transfer Station, which was considered to have potential for redevelopment, and a 3.12 hectare site on Yeading Brook at Bulls Bridge which was identified as having potential for development.

Published on 17 June 2013

Although the primary statutory function of West London Waste Authority is waste disposal across the London Boroughs of Brent, Ealing, Harrow, Hounslow and Richmond-upon-Thames – as well as Hillingdon - a major focus of their website home page is the promotion of waste minimisation.  The Authority has a small team dedicated to supporting this message through advice and leaflets, including a campaign called “Love Food Hate Waste”.  Look out for their stands at local shows and in shopping centres, or check for latest initiatives from West London Waste.
Published on 14 September 2012

West London Waste has announced that, from Monday 1 October 2012, all users of their disposal site at Victoria Road, South Ruislip, will be required to pay to deposit non-household waste such as DIY materials, building rubble and garden debris.

This withdrawal of previously free services is the result of changes in national legislation and in central government policy concerning the treatment of these types of waste.

Users of the Victoria Road site depositing regular household waste will be unaffected by the new charges.  West London Waste point out that a similar charging scheme is in force at Hillingdon Council’s own waste disposal site at New Year’s Green Lane.

Users will be charged at the rate of £175.00 per tonne, with a minimum charge of £17.50 for loads up to 100 kg.   Users will be required to weigh in and weigh out.   Payment will be accepted in cash or by credit card.
All users carrying any chargeable waste must report to site staff before offloading.   Loads which include non-chargeable household waste will be charged at the full rate for the whole load.

Examples of chargeable materials include bricks, hard core and glass; tiles and other roofing materials; plasterboard doors and window frames; bathroom suites, kitchen units and worktops; sheds and fence panels; asphalt, tarmac and asbestos, wooden items, timber and pallets.

Soil will be charged for, but depositing green waste, such as grass cuttings, prunings and the like, remains free for individual residents.

Asked whether the introduction of these new charges might give rise to an increase in fly tipping, a spokesman for West London Waste stated that this had not been their experience in other areas served by the Authority when similar charges had been implemented.

Published on 10 September 2012

The West London Waste Authority (WLWA) has short-listed two bidders for the long term West London Residual Waste Services contract covering the boroughs of Brent, Ealing, Harrow, Hillingdon, Hounslow, and Richmond upon Thames.  The bidders are a consortium led by E.ON Energy and SITA UK Limited.   A preferred bidder should be announced in
spring 2013, with new services to starting in April 2015, possibly earlier, to enable an earlier start to diversion from landfill.  The contract involves handling up to 300,000 tonnes of residual waste per year generated by a population of 1.4 million people, and covers all aspects of treatment, including any necessary transport, the operation of transfer stations, and contracts for outputs such as energy, refuse-derived fuel, and recyclates.   WLWA offered its three waste transfer stations at Brentford, South Ruislip and Park Royal as part of the procurement.   West London already recycles or composts almost 40% of its household waste;  the new contract will allow recycling up to at least 50%.   There is no information yet as to the future of the Civic Amenity facility at the South Ruislip site.

Published on 08 June 2012

Hillingdon Council Cabinet has agreed to increase the amount to be paid to Colas Ltd for the re-development the Civic Amenity site at New Year's Green Lane by £602,785.   This amount represents an increase of 26.78% on the £2,250,326.43 originally agreed.  The reason given for the increase was "to enable the final phase of works to improve the facility for residents and users" – the alternative being "to leave the re-development partially complete".   Officer
to action:  Boe Williams Obasi, Planning, Environment, Education and Community Services.  The Cabinet Report for this agenda item was withheld from publication.
Published on 08 June 2012

West London Waste Authority are encouraging people to dispose responsibly of their obsoleteTV sets following the digital switchover in the London TV region from April 2012.   Although analogue TVs can be upgraded with a digital box, it is expected that residents will use this opportunity to replace their existing sets in preparation for the Olympics, Queen’s Jubilee and Euro 2012.   Most discarded TV sets end up in landfill sites where the lead and other toxins can contaminate soil and water harming natural habitats and wildlife and endangering human health.   You can recycle your unwanted TVs and other electrical items at the Harvil Road and Victoria Road sites.

First published on 19 April 2012.  Last updated on 29 April 2012
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