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Waste Management Submission Plan.

The current Waste Management Submission Plan consultation is only on the 'soundness and legality' of this latest draft, prior to its submission to Government for testing against the same criteria.

The European and UK Government policies on waste disposal mean that every local authority must produce a plan detailing how it will deal with waste generated in its area over the next 15 years.

The London Plan (2011) aims to ensure that as much of London's waste as practical is managed within London, working towards managing 100% by 2031.  Each borough has been allocated an amount of London's waste that it is required to manage, dramatically reducing reliance on landfill.

In West London, six London boroughs have agreed that the West London Waste Authority (WLWA) should produce a single waste plan for their combined area.  When adopted, this plan will form part of the respective Borough's individual Local Plans.

This Proposed Submission Plan identifies the proposed sites for waste management development in the plan area.  Only one site in Hillingdon appears on the list of those to be covered by the Plan - Rigby Lane Waste Transfer Station, Hayes. Other nearby sites are at Greenford Road, Greenford and at Forward Drive, Harrow.

There would appear to be no plans to change the use of Victoria Road waste transfer station - except that a new contractor has been appointed to transfer waste to an 'energy from waste' facility in South Gloucestershire.  This is part of a strategy to address the shortfall in treatment capacity predicted within the WLWA area over the medium term.

This latest version of the Plan raises no specific planning, transport or pollution issues likely to affect the Ruislip Residents' Association area, which in any case should more properly have been addressed at earlier stages in the consultation - something which the Assocition decided at the time was not necessary.

Published in Rubbish and Recycling on 25 March 2014.
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