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Frequently Asked Questions

This page is to help members with some of their queries about
Ruislip Residents’ Association, other local queries and problems.

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1.  When and where is the next RRA meeting?  How can I raise an issue at that meeting?

The date of the next public meeting in 2017:   All meetings start at 7.45pm:

   Annual General Meeting: Winston Churchill Hall Lounge Area - Thursday, 14 September 2017 


Members have a constitutional right to raise issues at any General Meeting by sending written questions to the Hon. Secretary three weeks before the event.  This can be done via email from this site - click the envelope at the bottom of any page to do this.

In practice Executive Members take responsiblity for various areas of our work and they will also respond to queries or take up issues on email request at any time throughout the year. They are also very pleased to receive offers of assistance with the work that they do. 

2.  Who is my MP?

Boundary changes have given us two Members of Parliament.  Nick Hurd MP covers most of Ruislip north of the Metropolitan Railway Line, except for some roads near Ruislip Manor Station.  Boris Johnson MP covers the rest of Ruislip.

  • Boris Johnson MP represents Uxbridge and South Ruislip

3.  Which Hillingdon Borough Councillors represent Ruislip?

Eastcote & East Ruislip Ward Councillors:  Catherine Dann; Nick Denys; Becky Haggar

Manor Ward Councillors:  Michael Markham; Douglas Mills; Susan O’Brien

West Ruislip Councillors:  Philip Corthorne; Brian Crowe; John Riley

4.  How can I look at the Council's accounts ?

Every year the accounts are open for inspection by the public prior to the completion of audit for a period of 20 working days. Click here to find out how to see the accounts

5.  There is an area that I see frequently which is constantly littered, what can I do about it ?

People have complained for years about the problem of litter and the failure to keep our streets and parks clean.  Click here to find out about litter law and what you can do

6.  Can fireworks be set off on any day of the year ?

No, it is illegal to use fireworks except at certain times and on certain days of the year. They can also only be bought and sold on certain days. See Fireworks for more details.

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