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24 hour telephone advice line

Dial 111 for  24 hour advice on any health issues.  Advice is available on everything from local pharmacies to emergency services. 

You could be advised to use homely remedies already in your own medicine cupboard, advised to see your own GP, or to go to a hospital service or Urgent Care Centre, but if the issue is serious an ambulance could be on its way before you put the 'phone down. 

There have been bad reports in newspapers and on TV about the 111 service in some parts of the country, but local reports in North West London are that the service here is good. 

Community Voice, of which Ruislip Residents' Association is a member, is monitoring this issue.  It welcomes comments on this new service, which is easily done if you are reading this page.  You can send us an email by clicking the envelope at the bottom of the page and we will pass on your report.

Published in Health Services on 04 May 2013.
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