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Ruislip Residents’ Association is a member of The Community Voice, an umbrella organisation concerned exclusively with NHS services in a wide circle around Mount Vernon Hospital.  One of our delegates is its Chairman and the other is its Vice Chairman. Through that organisation, we are kept up to date on local NHS issues.

This website has separate pages for different local NHS services.  Click on the linkages below for detailed information and reports.

                              78,000 local petition signatures in 2007
                                                                              helped to keep the Cancer Centre at Mount Vernon today!

On 1st April NHS London and NHS North West London disappeared and so did Hillingdon Primary Care Trust and Hillingdon Local Involvement Network.  They have all been of great importance for local people and their demise leaves great uncertainties. 

Hillingdon Clinical Commissioning Group takes over a large part of the commissioning of NHS services, previously the responsibility of Hillingdon PCT, but a big chunk of specialised services is now the responsibility of the National Commissioning Board (now known as NHS England), for delivery through its London Regional Office.

Overview of local services was previously the role of NHS London and NHS North West London.  That role locally passes to Hillingdon Health and Wellbeing Board, which is embedded in Hillingdon Borough Council, as is Public Health.  How that will work out remains to be seen. With no experience of the NHS, there will be a need for a lot of fast learning.

Official representation of the public in the NHS was previously vested in Hillingdon Local Involvement Network, a role that has passed to Hillingdon HealthWatch.  That new organisation is charged with monitoring not only local NHS but also local Social Services, which are provided by its paymaster, Hillingdon Council - probably an impossible task! 

The providers of NHS service face changes too.  Clinical Commissioning Groups can commission services from the private sector, which could pose a direct threat to local hospitals.  Even without that threat, hospitals face unrelenting pressure to make financial savings year after year, without reducing the quality of services.  In addition, the much heralded plans to move traditional hospital services into the community pose further major challenges for hospital trusts.  

A period of uncertainty lies ahead.  We must hope that there will be time to adjust to the new complexities before any further eruption of fresh challenges.
First published on 02 April 2013.  Last updated on 10 April 2013

Click here for details of opening hours.  Remember that 999 and A&E should be used only for life threatening emergencies.

Remember too that Hillingdon is a pilot for the NHS 111 service - free telephone advice, with no telephone costs from landline or mobile 'phones, open 24 hours per day, 365 days per year, and with contact expected within 60 seconds!

Published on 14 December 2012


Hillingdon CCG is gradually taking over the responsibilities of NHS Hillingdon, but until that Primary Care Trust is abolished on 31st March 2012 the CCG will technically be a sub-committee of the PCT.  The CCG has elected its Board which holds regular meetings in public,  in Hillingdon Civic Centre, at 12.30pm on the second Friday of each month. 

Read more about it on our NHS Hillingdon Page


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First published on 02 March 2011.  Last updated on 03 September 2012
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