Ruislip Residents' Association

Central & North West London Board Meeting on 11th May 2016

 The report below provides items of  interest from the papers, not a summary of the meeting.

1. Appointment of new Medical Director:

Following the retirement of Dr Alex Lewis, Dr Cornelius Kelly has been appointed as Medical Director.

2. Hillingdon Mental Health:

Monitor targets were not met by Hillingdon Mental Health in March 2016, and complaints, staff sickness and staff vacancy rates were all high.

In contrast Harrow Mental Health and Hillingdon Community Services achieved at least 75% of Monitor indicators.

3.  Hillingdon Community Health Underperformance:

For the second consecutive month the target was not reached for “District Nursing Referrals contacted within timescale”, which was attributed to data quality issues, which is being closely monitored.

4.  Staff Vacancy rates:

In February Harrow Mental Health had a vacancy rate of 21.12% and a turnover rate of 16.6%.

Hillingdon Mental Health had 20.68% vacancy and 18.7% turnover rates.

However, Brent Mental Health rates were vacancy 28.49% and turnover 23.8%.

5.  Finances:

2015-16 ended with books balanced, but only because property was sold.

The current year will be financially challenging with a need to reduce spending on agency staff.

All contracts for 2016-17 have been agreed except for North West London, where negotiations continue and formal arbitration is likely to be avoided.

6.  Care Quality Commission compliance:

All the CQC’s “Must Do” requirements have been met. The “Should Do” recommendations are in progress.

7.  Friends and Family Test:

The Trust’s response rate needs to be improved. However, of the 1104 patients who responded in Quarter 4 of 2015-16, 93% reported that they would be extremely likely or likely to recommend CNWL services to family and friends. Future targets are to achieve response rates of 4% by Quarter 3 and 6% by Quarter 4.

8.  Infections:

The Trust had no cases of MRSA bacteraemias in Quarter 4 of 2015-16. The Trust’s two cases of clostridium difficile were deemed unavoidable.

Published in Central & NW London FT on 18 May 2016. Updated on 28 May 2016
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