Ruislip Residents' Association

Central & North West London Board Meeting on 27th January 2016

The report below provides only items of particular interest from the papers, not a summary of the meeting.

  1. 1. Hillingdon and Harrow Mental Health services causing concern: Hillingdon Mental Health services are one of three areas causing concern due to underperformance against Monitor indicators - but the number of patients involved was very small.  In addition Hillingdon had high sickness rate of 19.93% and a high staff turnover rate of 21.1%.  Hillingdon Community Services performance declined in Quarter 3.  Harrow Mental Health Services did not achieve delayed transfer of care due to delay in acquiring care home placements for patients.

  1. 2. Finance: The Trust expects to be behind plan at year end but it hopes to maintain its Monitor rating of 3.  Pay spend is above target compared to plan as submitted to Monitor.  But the underachieved pay savings are partly being mitigated by a large number of vacancies being held and not covered by agency.  New contracts and additional investments have led to increased expenditure.

Harrow was overspent by £184k in December and £1.15year to date, partially due to levels of agency spend on inpatient units

Hillingdon Mental Health was overspent in December by  £183k in month, £488 year to date.  Hillingdon continued to have a large savings gap, £620k to date.  The service has a high vacancy rate with corresponding agency spend.

  1. 3. Staff numbers: These continue to fall as permanent staff are not being replaced due to pending redesign changes.  Agency spend in December was £2.76m, the highest to date this financial year.

  1. 4. Bed occupancy: There has been improvement in bed occupancy in Hillingdon over the period February 2015 (130%) to December 2015 (100%).  In Harrow there has been a small increase, from 100% to 103%.  Bed occupancy continues to be  rigorously  monitored at local level daily  and in three times weekly Bed Management  Meetings.  Since February 2015 out of Area Placements have been used in exceptional circumstances, using both other NHS providers and the private sector, but no patients are discharged directly to the community from those sites.  Safe follow up care is provided by discharge back only to the patient’s local Home Treatment Team.

  1. 5. “Hello My Name is” campaign: This campaign asks NHS staff always to introduce themselves to patients before delivering care.

Published in Central & NW London FT on 10 February 2016.
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