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Central & North West London Board Meeting on 4th November 2015

1. Complaints:
In August the Harrow mental health team received the highest number of complaints in the Trust, but that team achieved all Monitor indicators and almost all the internal priority indicators, so there was no obvious correlation between complaints and the service provided generally.

2. Hillingdon staff issues:
The combination of staff sickness and turnover rates is thought possibly to be a factor in non-achievement of Monitor and CQC targets by the Hillingdon mental health team, but delayed transfer of care for  patients ready for discharge was due to shortage of available placements.  However, community services in Hillingdon are doing well with staff satisfaction rates the highest in the Trust.

3. Children’s services:
Hillingdon is one of the three areas where CNWL provides children’s services.  These services are universal and are offered to every child living or at school in the Borough, providing a public health service of prevention and targeted early intervention as well as specialist support for vulnerable children.
Commissioning for health visiting, for children 0 to 5 years, moved to local authority public health on 1st October 2015.  School nursing moved two years ago.
The CQC inspection of February 2015 rated CNWL’s community children’s services as Good.
There has been a recent announcement that non NHS funding of public health will face further cuts of £200m across England over the next three years, which could impact on children’s services.

4. General factors for Hillingdon’s children:
There are about 75,000 Hillingdon children, 59.4% from minority ethnic groups.  Their health and wellbeing is mixed in comparison with the average for England.  Their infant and child mortality is similar to the England average, but the percentage living in poverty is higher than average, as is their family homelessness.  Obesity is average, but a lower than average proportion is judged to have achieved a good level of development.

5. Finance:
The forecast has improved since last month and a surplus of around £330k is now expected, about half what was planned, but that will depend on expected property sales. The Trust expects to maintain its risk rating of 3.

6. CNWL’s compliance with Care Quality Commission’s inspection findings:
The Trust is working towards total compliance.

Published in Central & NW London FT on 15 December 2015.
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