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Central & North West London Board Meeting on 8th July 2015

  1. 1. Care Quality Commission Inspection Compliance Report: Following the inspection in January / February of eight sites and fourteen wards, the Trust received an overall rating of “requires improvement”, but was awarded an “outstanding” rating for sexual health services and for caring across the whole trust.  The Trust is now working towards full compliance with the CQC outcomes which will be completed within six months, but most factors will be completed much sooner.

  1. 2. North West London contract: Agreement has been reached in principle for this contract, but it has not yet been signed.  Agreement was reached after Commissioners offered a further £2m as bridge funding for one year which was very welcome.  However, it was noted that Hillingdon’s historic poor funding of mental health is not improved in the proposals for the new contract.

  1. 3. Finance: At the end of the first Quarter, despite some sale of property, the Trust had a deficit of £350k compared with a plan of a surplus of £3,520k.  It was noted that using the sale of property to balance the financial position will have an adverse  long-term effect on the Trust’s estate and that as soon as possible the Trust should aim to balance the Income and Expenditure account so that it can utilise property sales for reinvestment in the Trust’s remaining estate and future delivery options.  Also, a risk was noted of £70k with respect to overseas income.

The Trust’s cash position is likely to be particularly tight in September and October when the Trust’s dividend payments to the Treasury are due.  As well as controlling expenditure, there is work on maximising income, including chasing debt payments.

There was concern that the recently announced reduction of £200m to local authority public health budgets could have a significant effect on the Trust.  Local authorities have already reduced the financial envelopes of contracts put out to tender and there is concern about the funding of the health visiting service when it transfers to local authority control in the autumn, which will be closely monitored.

  1. 4. Report on Performance and Quality for May 2015: The Trust was compliant with all Monitor requirements.  Good performance has been consistent in all Community Health Services and Sexual Health Services.

  1. 5. Staff sickness rates: Latest available data was for April when the sickness rate was 3.59% across the Trust.  Hillingdon Mental Health sickness rate for February was 4.56%, for March 4.66% and for April 4.94%, higher in each month than for other sectors except for the Addictions Service which had the highest rate in each of those months .

  1. 6. Complaints: The CQC reported that verbal complaints were not being logged, which is borne out by low reporting of PALS with the exception of Hillingdon. This is partly because the service is being phased out and replaced by the new patient support service, that requires any member of staff who receives feedback to initiate action and to log all complaints, concerns and compliments on the Datix web.

Published in Central & NW London FT on 08 July 2015.
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