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Over time, this page will contain information about  the range of services provided by the NHS in the community, including ambulances and GP surgeries. 

Many community services were provided by Hillingdon Community Health until it merged with Central & North West London Foundation Trust on 1st February 2011. 

As a result of that merger CNWL is now responsible for both its traditional role, provision of mental health services, and the provision of community services such as clinics and home nursing services.  Its Board Meetings will be shown on our CNWL page, but occasionally community items wil also be noted here.

Other community items originate in Board Meetings of Hillingdon Clinical Commissioning Group,  Hillingdon Health and Wellbeing Board and The Hillingdon Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust, where they may be reported more fully.  All NHS bodies integrate their services where possible.

This meeting of the Committee focused on a performance review of local NHS Trusts.  Senior representatives were present from  all local NHS bodies.

As much that was reported to this Scrutiny Committee is shown elsewhere on our website only the following additional items are noted here:

Hillingdon’s Health and Wellbeing Board: The Department of Health has made £15,000 available for each local authority to support its building of local Health and Wellbeing Boards, to ensure that they are able to take on their new responsibilities when they come into effect in April 2012.

Community Specialist Dentistry in Hillingdon: These services transferred to Hillingdon PCT from Hammersmith and Fulham PCT in 2007 - Uxbridge and Ickenham Health Centres reduced waiting times from 24 months to between 4 and 10 months.  The three main categories of service are dentistry for children and adults with special needs, and advanced restorative care specialties.  The ESC is particularly concerned that people in care homes, especially those with dementia, should be given full dental support.

Hillingdon’s NHS Wellbeing Centre:  Located in the Boots store in the Chimes Shopping Centre in Uxbridge, this facility has for the last 16 months provided free advice on staying happy, healthy and well.  This is the first time an NHS centre has offered a range of services specifically aimed at promoting mental wellbeing from one site.  As well as NHS staff, representatives from local support groups such as Hillingdon Mind, Alcohol Concern, Employment, Link and Relate are available in the Wellbeing Centre.  The Centre was set up by Central & North West London NHS FT in partnership with NHS Hilllingdon and Hillingdon Council

Joan Davis

Published on 30 October 2011

Currently ophthalmology services in Hillingdon are provided in a range of locations, in hospitals and in the community.

It is proposed that a consultant led community service catering for adults and children will be set up with a block tariff in the three localities in Hillingdon - south, central, and north.  Cataracts, glaucoma, blepharitis, watery eye, flashers and floaters are all to be treated in community clinics.

Patients requiring surgery or further treatment will be referred from the community service to hospital. It is anticipated that 25% of secondary care will be diverted into the community from March 2012.

First published on 24 September 2011.  Last updated on 13 December 2011

Harmoni has been contracted to provide the pilot NHS 111 service in Hillingdon. This will not be a replacement for the NHS Direct or the 999 service but it will provide 'phone access to unscheduled non-urgent care, 24 hours per day, 365 days per year.

The NHS 111 service has already been piloted in Durham, Nottingham, Lincolnshire, and Luton and is now to be rolled out
as a two year pilot in Hillingdon, with a public launch in mid-November, after a trial period from 25th October 2011, as one of three London pilots.

It is anticipated that the service will achieve pan-London coverage by 2013. The call handlers will be based in Southall – they will receive special training but will not be clinicians and will not give a diagnosis to callers. However, if callers are not satisfied they will be connected to a nurse or doctor as appropriate.

Callers from outside the Borough will be advised that the service does not operate in their area.
First published on 24 September 2011.  Last updated on 13 December 2011

Review of Hillingdon Community Health performance in 2010/11 - as reported to the Joint Board Meeting of NHS Ealing, NHS Hillingdon and NHS Hounslow on 29th June 2011

The HCH had four targets for its performance in 2010-11:

  1. 1.   A minimum decrease in inpatient falls for 2010/11 at Northwood and Pinner Community Unit:  This was not achieved.  Several measures were introduced to reduce falls, but the number of falls remained similar to the previous year.  An analysis noted an increase in the number of service users  likely to be prone to falls eg in-patients with Parkinson’s Disease.   All measures intended to reduce inpatient falls are being implemented.
  1. 2.  Zero serious medication incidents or errors across HCH services:  Sadly this target was narrowly missed. There was one serious medication incident – the investigation is nearing completion.
  1. 3.  100% compliance with online incident reporting by March 2011: This was achieved.
  1. 4.  90% of respondents to the annual Patient Experience Survey to be happy with the healthcare professional’s attention to hand hygiene:This was not achieved.  There was significant improvement but performance reached only 87%, a little short of the target.
Published on 03 July 2011

Maria O'Brien
Maria O'Brien

This organisation provided local clinics, Health Visitors, District Nurses and other community services in Hillingdon until it  was merged with Central & North West London Foundation Trust on 1st February 2011.

All HCH staff including its Managing Director, Maria O'Brien, transferred on that date to employment by CNWL.

The Chief Executive of CNWL, Claire Murdoch, has promised that services in Hillingdon will continue exactly as before the merger – a seamless change of management, that will not be noticed by service users. 



For the four weeks before publication of the NHS London Board papers for its January 2011 meeting, the LAS failed to achieve both the Category A 75% standard for the number of calls responded to within 8 minutes and the Category B standard of 95% within 19 minutes.  At week ending 2nd January the year to date performance for Category A was 73.4% and for Category B 88.9%. 

Also, for the week ending 12th December, London was rated "red" against the local measure for ambulance handover times, with an average of 45.7% of handover times over the 15 minutes measure; the average handover time across London had increased to 17.3 minutes.   (This is whole of London data – we have no Hillingdon data).
Published on 09 March 2011

  • This electronic patient record, holding information such as referrals, care plans, assessments, progress notes, clinical letters and appointments, is in use by CNWL's Adult and Older Adult Services in Westminster, Kensington & Chelsea, Brent, Harrow, Hillingdon and some specialist services.  Because these records are available so widely to staff, patients should get a better service.

Last update 29th June 2011
First published on 11 April 2011.  Last updated on 17 July 2011
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