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CNWL update July 2016

From Board Meeting of Hillingdon Clinical Commissioning Group 1st July 2016:

Central & North West London FT’s contract for community care: As part of the three year contract with CNWL savings of £1.25m have been agreed.  Any changes must not cause excessive hardship to patients such as increased excessive increases in travel times or costs, but it is acceptable for waiting times to be increased for services where there is no safety risk or risk of breaching contractual or mandatory targets.  Site consolidation is to be expected.  Savings cannot be achieved without some disruption and the CCG will need to support decisions that may be unpopular.

Business case for Paediatric Services: Hillingdon’s child population is expected to increase from 76,000 to 88,000 by 2022 against a background of Hillingdon Hospital becoming a major acute hospital for most specialist services, closure of Ealing Hospital’s maternity services and both its in-patient and emergency paediatric services, and recruitment challenges for paediatric medical staff both nationally and locally.  Extensive recruitment attempts by THH for paediatric staff have been unsuccessful. The CCG has agreed to fund a consultant led service  to provide improved staff training, access for GPs to 24 hour seven day telephone advice and development of new models of care for Critical Care as well as Integrated Community Clinics, with sufficient capacity to provide 24 hour seven day services.  These improvements will be delivered in three phases.

Published in Community Health Services on 05 July 2016. Updated on 14 July 2016
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