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Hillingdon health issues in the community, April 2015

a. Mental Health Services: The Improving Access to Psychological Therapies service is recruiting additional staff.  Problems due to fewer clinical sessions and to patients who do not attend, are being addressed.
b. Better Care Fund plan: Hillingdon Council and Hillingdon CCG must now agree financial arrangements for the pooled fund of £17.991k, to be hosted by Hillingdon Council, operating like a joint bank account for 2015-16.  The scheme’s focus is dementia and avoiding falls and social isolation, aiming to reduce emergency admissions to acute care and long term residential care.  It also supports telecare, third sector providers in the community, GP Networks, and increased support for carers.  To keep people active mentally and physically it will also work with Public Health, the Library Service, and the Sports and Leisure Service.

c. Support for GP Networks: The Business Case for GP Networks proposes £333k in 2015-16 for clinical, administrative and business manager support in 2015-16, shared between networks on a capitation basis.

d. Wheelchair service: The CCG is procuring a new Wheelchair Service which will hold agreed levels of stock with each acute trust and other key providers for short-term loan of wheelchairs
e. Community bed based provision for 2015-16: The proposal is to “block” book 5 nursing and nursing/dementia care beds from suitable care home providers for patients who need a bed based service

Published in Community Health Services on 09 May 2015.
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