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New arrangements for supervision of local GP surgeries

Primary Care Co-Commissioning: Hillingdon Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG) entered Primary Care co-commissioning arrangements with NHS England in April 2015.  Currently this is restricted to General Practice as dentists, pharmacists and optometrists continue to be wholly commissioned by NHS England.  The work of local GP surgeries is therefore now monitored by Hillingdon CCG and NHS England working together

Hillingdon GPs work under one of three different contracts.

  • General Medical Services (GMS): Most work under this nationally negotiated contract.
  • Personal Medical Services (PMS): 10 work under this locally negotiated contract with premium funding to support specific service initiatives.
  • Alternative Provider Medical Services (APMS): One such contract is held in Hillingdon.  This is locally negotiated and can be held by a non-GP who employs salaried GPs.

Published in Community Health Services on 04 January 2016.
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