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Royal Brompton & Harefield FT’s Annual Members Meeting 2015

1. Proposed sale of land at Royal Brompton: In the papers it was noted that a key element in the Trust’s ambitions to develop its Royal Brompton site depended on the sale of part of that site for residential use to enhance its value, which was opposed by the Trust’s neighbour, the Royal Marsden Hospital.  This ambition, at least in the medium term, has been thwarted by a combination of planning and “political” factors.  There was no discussion of this issue during the meeting.

2. Harefield development: Developing increased capacity at Harefield will allow reconfiguration of services between the two sites.

3. Finance: The Trust had a deficit of £3.3m in 2014/15.  Project Diamond funding ceased on 1st April 2015.  That source of funding was set up to compensate for services with costs in excess of the basic NHS tariff, so its loss is challenging for this Trust which provides many very complex services.  To offset that loss, some items of capital expenditure have been deferred and others cancelled, but much of the proposed investment is already committed and essential for the Trust to operate at its expected  level.  The Trust is therefore seeking £10m of additional funding in 2015-16 to enable its capital programme to proceed as planned.

4. Private patients: Income from private patients exceeded £37m in 2014/15.  A new private patient facility is to open in Wimpole Street, London, in early 2016.  Refurbishment of the 28 bedded wing at Royal Brompton Hospital provides modern facilities and accommodation.  Facilities at Harefield have been extended to provide rapid access and diagnostic facilities, including evenings and weekends.

5. The Trust’s NHS commissioners: Around 85% of the Trust’s NHS services are commissioned by NHS England and most of the rest by Clinical Commissioning Groups.

6. The Trust’s international role: Heart and lung diseases are the world’s biggest killers.  This Trust treats patients from across UK and other countries.  The size of its patient population allows research and development on a scale attractive to the research and development arms of global enterprises.

7. Research: 2014/15 research income reached £11m.  Over 5400 patients participated in research, either by research studies or retention of their tissue in the Trust’s ethically approved Biobanks.  Trust consultants have published over 370 research publications.

8. Harefield activity: In 2014/15 25 heart and 49 lung transplants were undertaken and 47 ventricular assist devices were implanted at Harefield.  Respiratory activity there continues to grow ahead of plan.

9. Failure to achieve the 62 day cancer waiting time: Patients referred to the Trust from other hospitals often arrive late in the 62 day period, sometimes after the 62 days has expired, making it impossible for the Trust to start treatment within that target time.

10. General facts:

  • Patient Numbers: In 2014/15 there were 178,495 patients at outpatient clinics and over 38,619 in-patients.
  • Research ranking: The Trust is Europe’s top ranked respiratory research centre and the cardiac, cardiovascular and critical care teams are rated in the top three most highly cited health research teams in Europe.
  • Angioplasty: Harefield pioneered primary angioplasty for heart attacks and has one of the fastest arrival to treatment  times in the UK.
  • Harefield’s cardiac catheterisation laboratories: This is one of the top facilities in Europe
  • Cystic fibrosis: The Royal Brompton provides the largest treatment centre in Europe.
  • Foetal cardiology: The Trust’s feoetal cardiology service allows babies in the womb to be scanned at just 12 weeks when the heart measures just over a millimetre.
  • Adult congenital heart disease: The Trust provides the largest such centre in the country.

Published in Harefield Hospital on 01 August 2015. Updated on 09 August 2015
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