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Royal Brompton & Harefield NHS FT, Board Meeting 26th October 2016

Congenital Heart Disease (CHD) Proposals:  The Chief Executive was reasonably confident in September that there would be no decommissioning of the Trust’s CHD services in 2017. The national consultation process was expected to commence in December 2016 and to run to March 2017, to which the Trust would respond.

Research Funding:  The Trust in partnership with Imperial College London failed to obtain a combined Cardiovascular / Respiratory Biomedical Research Centre grant, so from 1st April 2017 the Trust will face a research funding loss of approximately £4m per year; funding has been redistributed from the capital to the regions.  The impact would not be only financial as the Trust had put more energy and resources into research than it got back; staff morale would suffer. However, the Trust’s Charity was considering bridging the funding gap until new sources of research funding can be identified. The Trust will also be obliged to consider extending its private patient income.

Care Quality Commission’s Report:  The inspection took place in June 2016 but the Draft Inspection Report is currently awaited.

Infection control:  In 2016/17 to date the Trust has reported 7 cases of clostridium difficile to NHS England, but no cases have been deemed due to lack of care by the Trust so they do not count against the Trust’s target of maximum 12 cases in year. There were no outbreaks of infection in September and no cases of MRSA have been reported this year.

Pressure ulcer incidence:  There were 138 cases in 2014/15. The following year this dropped by 38% to 88, of which only three cases were regarded as Serious Incidents.  NHS England was impressed with the thoroughness of investigation undertaken by the Trust and has agreed that only repeat incidents need to be reported. In 2015/16 the Trust extended its work to included wider tissue lesions and that work continues.

Cancelled Operations:  There were 34 cancelled operations and procedures in September 2016, 11 at Royal Brompton Hospital and 23 at Harefield Hospital. Patients whose operations are cancelled for non-clinical reasons must be offered another binding date within 28 days at the time and hospital of the patient’s choice.

Complaints:  A new approach last year to managing complaints ensures that key people get together at the beginning  and co-ordinate their efforts. There is currently a project underway to co-ordinate the learning from all forms of feedback. In 2015-16 there were 91 complaints, an 8% decrease from the previous year. There were also 1,416 PALS contacts but 68% of issues raised by that informal route were resolved within 24 hours.

Finance:  NHS England activity was £1m below plan in September but CCG and other NHS commissioned activity was on plan leading to a surplus for the month of £11.4m. £3.9m favourable to plan, of which £4.3m was attributable to an additional gain on the sale of 151 Sydney Street – the sale price of £24m was higher than the planned £20m, providing an actual gain of £13.6m, £4.3m higher than plan.
In September the Harefield Heart Division generated a contribution of £0.7m, £0.6m adverse to plan, but year to date this reduces its contribution to £7.6m, in line with plan.

Published in Harefield Hospital on 02 November 2016. Updated on 14 November 2016
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