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Royal Brompton & Harefield NHS FT, Board Meeting 27th July 2016

From the Board Papers

NHS targets: For Quarter 1 of 2016-17 (April - June), the 62 day cancer target and the 18 week incomplete patient pathway target were not met.

New trajectories have now been agreed with NHS England and NHS Improvement.  This will take the Trust back to 92% compliance for the incomplete pathway target.  For the cancer target the trajectory starts at 50% and rises by 5% each quarter to achieve 65% by Q4.

This allows the Trust to conform with sustainability and transformation funding conditions.

Care Quality Commission Inspection: The inspection took place between 14th and 17th June 2016 plus unannounced out of hours inspection visits for 2 weeks thereafter.

The information team responded to over 200 data requests since the start of the inspection and it is anticipated that data requests will continue to be received during the report writing phase.

The Trust will be sent a draft of the report and will have 10 days to respond on matters of factual accuracy.

Infections: In Month 3, June 2016, there were no cases of MRSA, but there was one case of clostridium difficile.

Cancelled operations: In June 2016 there were 40 cancelled operations at Royal Brompton Hospital and 56 cancellations at Harefield Hospital.

Patients whose operations are cancelled on or after the day of admission for non-clinical reasons must be offered another binding date within 28 days, at a time and hospital of the patient’s choice.

Finances: To end of June 2014 the Trust planned a deficit of £6.8m but achieved a deficit of only £5.4m, £1.4m better than plan.  Private Patient income was £10.2m which was £0.1m adverse to plan.

The Trust has a Financial Sustainability Risk Rating of 2, in line with plan.

The Trust’s cash position remains healthy and allows all approved creditors to be paid on time.

Sale of 151 Sydney Street: The  planned sale is proceeding;  Some historic planning shortcomings have been identified, but these are now being resolved and should not delay the sale which is planned for September, although the planning application could be challenged.

A sale price of £20m is planned but a further £4m is possible subject to contract.

Note: Information on the congenital heart disease review is available on the Trust’s website and on the website of the Community Voice

Published in Harefield Hospital on 27 July 2016.
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