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Hillingdon Clinical Commissioning Group Governing Body Friday 2nd September 2016

1. Mental Health Priority Setting:

The “Five Year Forward” view requires parity of esteem for mental and physical healthcare.  In 2015/16 Hillingdon CCG increased funding for mental health services by 7.8%.  To achieve parity with physical health services in 2016/17, this CCG will need to invest an additional £1m in mental health services.  Implementation of plans drawn up last year will be treated as a priority including projects that focus on dementia, urgent care, perinatal care, learning disabilities and the mental health needs of children and young people.

2. Accident and Emergency Remedial Action Plan for Hillingdon Hospital: Attendances have increased by 9% and blue-light ambulance attendances also by 9%, with other ambulance attendances up by 7.7%.  Difficulty in achieving the four hour waiting target has been addressed jointly by the hospital and the CCG with the following introductions:
  • Early senior consultant assessment
  • Two new triage rooms.
  • Additional Clinical Decision Unit beds are being considered
  • A longer term solution is proposed in the Shaping a Healthier Future business case, which would allow the department to see 220 patients per day.
3. North West London collaborative plans:
The focus is on:
  • New models of proactive and co-ordinated care, including out-of-hours care
  • Intensive support for self care
  • Social factors including housing, employment and isolation
  • Rapid response and intermediate care
  • Reductions in acute care and better hospital discharge arrangements.
4. London Ambulance Service  response times:
Targets are not yet being met, but a successful recruitment drive has brought staffing up to full numbers and improved funding from CCGs is allowing implementation of the CQC priorities.
5. Finance:
Overall at end of July, the CCG was achieving its year to date planned surplus of £1.2m and its £3.6m planned surplus by year end.  However, the CCG has fully deployed all its available reserves in both Programme and Running Costs, so it faces risks ahead without fall-back resources.
6. Sustainability and Transformation Plan (STP):
The STP describes the shared ambitions across health and local government for five years ahead.  The draft plan was submitted to NHS England as required on 30th June and the final plan, following local feedback, is expected to be submitted by  21st October.  This proposes a more proactive model of care which will reduce costs and be clinically and financially sustainable.  It has five themes:
  • upgrade prevention and wellbeing
  • eliminate unwarranted variation
  • achieve better experience for older people
  • improve outcomes for children and adults with mental health needs
  • ensure high quality sustainable acute services

Published in Hillingdon Clinical Commissioning Group on 05 September 2016.
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