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Hillingdon Clinical Commissioning Group Governing Body Friday 5th August 2016

1.  Hillingdon Annual Health Conference:

This was held on 18th July at Brunel University.  After presentations from the CCG, hospital trusts and local services, residents and staff discussed local concerns, which the CCG will use to develop plans for 2017 -18, including:

  • Improving  access to GP surgeries.
  • Offer local services to avoid attendance at Urgent Care Centres and A&Es..
  • Improving care for older people to avoid hospital admittance.
  • Better care for children and parents to avoid use of urgent and emergency services.

2.  NHS England’s ratings of CCGs:

There were 5 assessments - well-led, delegated functions, finance, performance, planning.

Four ratings – outstanding, good, requires improvement and inadequate.

  • 10 CCGs were rated outstanding, 82 rated good and 91 required improvement
  • Hillingdon was rated good for “well-led”, “delegated functions” and “planning” but "require improvement" for "finance", "performance" and overall rating".
  • Hillingdon CCG is challenging these ratings with NHS England.

3.  Strategic Estates Development:

  • The outline business case for a “hub” in the north of the Borough is underway, with St Andrews Park development negotiations continuing.
  • Three bids have been submitted to NHS England for 2016 – 17:
  1. i.      Expansion of medical premises at Heathrow
  2. ii.     Expansion of premises for Yiewsley Family Practice
  3. iii.    Relocation of two other surgeries.

4. Health and Social Care in NW London:

The current pattern is not sustainable

  • Adults are not making healthy choices – 20% have a long term condition
  • Increased social isolation – 50% of people over 65 live alone
  • Poor children’s health – 1 in 5 children aged 4-5 are overweight
  • Unwarranted variation in clinical practice and outcomes – 30% of patients in acute hospitals should be treated elsewhere
  • Reduced life expectancy for mental health patients – 20 years below average
  • Lack of end of life care at home – 80% want this but only 22% die at home
  • Deficits in most NHS providers – 2021 expected gap in health and social care £1.3bn

5.  Mental Health Priority Setting 2016-17:

Achieving parity with physical health services, required in the Five Year Forward View, would need an additional £1m in Hillingdon on top of sums already agreed.  New models of care are being developed.  Work in 2015-16 with other NWL CCGs has increased collaboration and transparency across the crisis care system including the Single Point of Access implement by CNWL last November.

6.  Performance:

  • Many targets are met – diagnostic waits, cancer waits, referral to treatment times, etc.
  • Some targets are improving  - District Nursing referrals, NHS 111 waiting time, etc.
  • Some challenges remain – London Ambulance response times, A&E waits, etc.

7.  Finance:

At end of June the CCG  was on target to achieve its end of year planned surplus of £3.6m with an underlying exit position of break-even compared to its opening plan, £2.977m surplus

Published in Hillingdon Clinical Commissioning Group on 05 September 2016.
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