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Hillingdon Clinical Commissioning Group Governing Body - July 2016

Sustainability  & Transformation Plan (STP): This is the national and local NHS response to the Five Year Forward View.  Hillingdon CCG feeds into the North West London STP which sets out shared plans for the next five years. This sees 21% more activity leading to a requirement of net savings of £42.5m, based on a projected Hillingdon population in 2020 / 21 of 321,000 with about 20% of children (11,8000) living in poverty.  Excess weight is a growing threat to good health – currently 21% of 4 / 5 year olds are overweight, as are 32.6% of those aged 10 to 11 years.

Paediatric Services at Ealing Hospital: 25% of these services are moving off site to other local hospitals including THH, but 75% of services will remain on the Ealing site.

Better Care Fund: Progress continued.  In 2015/16 there were 10,406 emergency admissions to hospital of patients aged 65+years, 5% fewer than the previous year and better than target, but 763 falls related to emergency admissions slightly exceeded the target. The 4,196 delayed transfers of care were better than the 4,790 target and the 145 permanent admissions to care homes was below the ceiling of 150.

NHS RightCare: This is a joint initiative between NHS England and Public Health England.  Harrow and Brent CCGs have been selected as Wave 1 of the programme and other CCGs including Hllingdon are part of Wave 2 which will start towards the end of 2016.  However Brent Harrow and Hillingdon CCGs have agreed to work together with workshops on diabetes and muculo-skeletal problems in June and July 2016 followed by workshops on respiratory and cancer care in September 2016.

London Ambulance Service: Targets are still being missed with staff sickness levels high and staffing levels too low to meet demand.  Increased use of non-ambulance responses (Hear and Treat, taxis) for non-critical patients continues to improve..

NHS 111: The rate of call back is reported as above target due to higher than planned absence and on-going shortage of clinical staff.  Recruitment is underway.  Both call handling time and the number of staff on rotas have been increased.

Finance: Overall at end of May the CCG achieved its planned year to date surplus of £0.6m and it was on target to achieve its planned £3.6m planned surplus by year end.

Published in Hillingdon Clinical Commissioning Group on 05 July 2016. Updated on 17 July 2016
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