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Hillingdon Clinical Commissioning Group Governing Body - June 2016

1.  New Chief Operating Officer: Caroline Morison was present at her first Hillingdon CCG Board Meeting in public.  She formerly worked for the NW London Collaboration of CCGs.

2. Contract update: All thirteen key NW London in sector provider contracts have now been signed, including the Hillingdon Hospitals contract, CNWL mental health and community health contracts and Royal Brompton and Harefield contract.

3. Better Care Fund: Hillingdon CCG and the London Borough of Hillingdon have approved the 2016-17 Better Care Fund, valued at £20.15m.  The plan supports work to anticipate need rather than respond to crisis management. Specific initiatives include identification of people susceptible to falls, dementia, stroke, and social isolation, better care at end of life, reduced delays in hospital discharge and support for carers.

4. Hub development: The Mount Vernon Hospital master planning exercise has identified a potential site for the North Hillingdon Hub, which is expected to be presented on 21st June 2016.  NHS Property Services Ltd is negotiating commercial terms with the St Andrews Park developer to secure a site for the Uxbridge and West Drayton Hub towards the north of the development site, with the expectation of submitting a planning application in early 2017.

5. Kirk House: Following the move of the CCG from Kirk House in West Drayton to Boundary House in central Uxbridge, the CCG has carried the cost of its space in Kirk House.  CNWL, another tenant of Kirk House, has now indicated that it wishes to take over the full lease of that building.

6. Urgent and Emergency Care: The current model is still evolving but it appears that the NHS 111 service will be procured at NWL level and will provide a non-clinical telephone triage service, possibly from July 2017, but probably later.  GP Out of Hours Services will be provided by Care UK, located at Hillingdon Hospital, which will provide an Advice Line and Home Visiting Service.

7. London Ambulance Service: In March LAS again failed to meet its targets for responding to major calls.  Staffing has been the main issue plus higher demand than contract and high levels of vehicle downtime.  LAS has recruited to full establishment but some overseas staff have not yet arrived..

8. Joint A&E Recovery Plan: The CCG has provided Hillingdon Hospitals FT with £2.1m of Resilience Funding to support improvements in Hillingdon Hospital’s A&E Department and has also invested in additional schemes with the Urgent Care Centre and Central & North West London FT to support performance improvement around Unplanned Care in Hillingdon.

Published in Hillingdon Clinical Commissioning Group on 05 July 2016. Updated on 14 July 2016
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