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Hillingdon Clinical Commissioning Group Governing Body Meeting - Friday 5th February 2016

  1. CCG Elections: Every year three GPs stand down from the Governing Body, one from each locality.  This year the three are Dr Goodman (North Locality), Dr Garsin (Uxbridge and West Drayton Locality) and Dr Gudi (South Locality) but  they are entitled to re-stand if nominated, for election to take effecto on 1st April 2016.

  1. Finance: At month 9, December 2015, the CCG achieved its year to date planned surplus of £2.611m  and it was forecasting a revised surplus of £7.482m by year end, which was £4m above plan - £0.457m surplus above plan on running costs and an anticipated £3.543m above plan on programme costs., which will be carried forward into 2016/17.

  1. 3. Mental Health Services November 2015:
  • Difficulties in finding placements for patients led to delayed transfers of care from acute beds.
  • Children and adolescent mental health services experienced an increase in referrals, which led to pressures on waiting times.  Capacity is being addressed through a recruitment plan, following agreement on additional funding.  An early / late appointment system is being implemented, with users  being made aware of appointments available outside 9am – 5pm.

  1. A&E Services: Neither Hillingdon nor Northwick Park hospitals achieved the target to admit or treat and discharge 95% of patients within four hours in November 2015.  Northwick Park Hospital opened 48 additional beds on 18th January, which were originally planned to open in November. At Hillingdon Hospital an additional medical consultant is now on site in A&E 12 hours a day over weekends, to help expedite discharge and free up bed capacity.  The discharge lounge assists wards to discharge patients earlier in the day.

  1. London Ambulance Service: Again in November LAS did not reach its targets for reaching even its most seriously ill patients. Commissioners have agreed additional funding for LAS to help it improve its standards, along with a number of action by LAS itself to improve its performance.

  1. Maternity Services at Hillingdon Hospital: The number of deliveries per month is expected to stabilise when the mothers who have transferred from Ealing Hospital have delivered their babies. The Trust will then be able to build a business case for the recruitment of more midwives, based on firm numbers, but this will take time.

  1. Caesarean births: The Trust has reduced its elective caesarean rate to 8.1%, which is the lowest rate in North West London, but its rate for emergency caesarean births has increased to 20.8%.

Published in Hillingdon Clinical Commissioning Group on 10 February 2016.
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