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Hillingdon External Scrutiny Meeting July 2014

This meeting, with Chairman Cllr John Riley, covered local health services and had senior representatives present from Central and North West London FT (CNWL), Hillingdon Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG), Hillingdon Healthwatch, Royal Brompton & Harefield FT, The Hillingdon Hospitals FT (THH). It also considered reports from the London Ambulance Service (LAS), the Care Quality Commission (CQC) and the Local Medical Committee (LMC). The notes below are items of particular interest – not a summary of the meeting.

Hayes Town Medical Centre: This  Centre was established in 2009 to provide a GP service for registered patients and a walk-in centre for patients not registered with a practice. The contract for walk-in services awarded to Bondcare Medical services expires on 30th September 2014. Following public consultation in 2012, feedback from outreach work, and a recent options appraisal, it is now proposed to let the walk-in service close. The GP service for registered patients will continue to operate, as will the Orchard practice which is also located in the Hesa Centre. The new 111 telephone service and the Urgent Care Centre at Hillingdon Hospital will continue to provide services for unregistered patients.

Hillingdon Urgent Care Centre: This now treats and discharges over 60% of all patients who attend either the UCC or Hillingdon  A&E Department.

Hillingdon CCG: This CCG, like all CCGs, is overseen by NHS England - which also commissions GPs, pharmacy, dentists and specialist services (those needed by relatively few people). The CCG commissions community health and hospital services for Hillingdon people including mental health and learning disability services. The CCG is working with Hillingdon Council and voluntary and community sector organisations to provide services covering health and social care. An application has been made to the Better Care Fund for services initially targeted at services for people aged over 65 years.

CCG pilots in the south of Hillingdon for self management of long-term conditions: The three pilots provide self-management advice and techniques for patients with chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, asthma, and diabetes.

CNWL: This trust employs around 7,000 staff and over 300 different health services across 150 sites. In Hillingdon it has around 1,000 staff delivering services in patients’ homes, schools, GP practices, health centres etc. In 2013-14 it supported almost 72,000 people with their physical health needs (approx 25% of the Hillingdon population).

It provides inpatient and community based mental health services for adults and children. It received 14,000 Hillingdon referrals for these services last year, supported 10,000 people and provided hospital care for 561 patients. Its memory service waiting times are now only 1 – 2 weeks. Those with a diagnosis of dementia start treatment which is monitored for 3 months before discharge to primary care.

Its community physical health services include the rapid response service, speech and language therapy, specialist community dentistry,  adult district nursing, school nursing service, health visiting,  wheel chair service, specialist community paediatricians, community based palliative care – and others.

Royal Brompton & Harefield FT: This is the largest specialist heart and lung centre in the UK and amongst the largest in Europe.

THH: Last year the Trust had a turnover of £190m. It employs over 2500 staff, delivering services to people from Hillingdon and surrounding areas, a total catchment of about 350,000 people. Last year 4,205 babies were delivered at Hillingdon Hospital.

LAS: This is the busiest ambulance service in the UK. It is the only NHS Trust that covers the whole of London. It has over 5,000 staff.

CQC: The CQC will inspect around 25% of Hillingdon GP practices in September 2014 and corresponding out of hours services.

LMC: Since 1911 LMCs have been elected committees of GPs, enshrined in statute, representing GPs in negotiations with decision makers. They represent all GPs in their geographic areas, which are coterminous with historic healthcare administrative areas. There are 27 LMCs across London.

Published in Health Services on 22 July 2014.
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