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Hillingdon Health & Wellbeing Board Meeting – 23rd September 2014

1.  Overview of this meeting, which was held in public: The Board comprises ten voting members – 7 Councillors, CCG Chairman, Healthwatch Chairman and  the Council’s Deputy Chief Executive  - and a number of non-voting members including Council Officers and co-opted members representing NHS Trusts,  nominally the Chief Executives of Central & North West London FT, The Hillingdon Hospitals FT, and Royal Brompton & Harefield FT.

It was assumed that Board Members had read the papers.  There were no presentations or summaries, but the person leading each item was able to add brief comments and to answer questions.  Members of the public, who had not read the papers in advance, found it difficult to follow some items.  Various officials sat in the public gallery.  Hillingdon CCG’s Finance Officer was called to the table to clarify some financial points.

At this meeting there was little or no discussion of any agenda item.  Only the Chairman and Councillors asked questions. In each case the Chairman then asked “Do we agree the recommendations?” which closed that item.  None of the hospital representatives said a word.

This was a fast, brief, meeting -  lasting barely 40 minutes.  One further item was to be discussed in Part II.

2.  Decisions agreed:

a.   Joint Health & Wellbeing Strategy 2014-16: This integrates the work of the Better Care Fund, Public  Health activity and new requirements of the Care Act 2014 and instructs officers and partners to work together  to complete a refreshed action plan.  A (further?) refreshed action plan is to be presented to the Board in December 2014.  The identified priorities are:

  • Children engaged in risky behaviour
  • Dementia
  • Physical activity
  • Obesity
  • Adult and Child Mental Health
  • Type 2 diabetes
  • Increasing child population and Maternity Services
  • Older People including sight loss
  • Dental Health

b.   Noting of Hillingdon Clinical Commissioning Group’s key areas of work: These were reported as:

  • Primary Care Co-Commissioning
  • Integration of Services
  • A&E Changes
  • Commissioning Support Service Transition

c.  Noting of Hillingdon Clinical Commissioning Group’s Finance Update: The Chairman expressed difficulty in understanding the various references to deficits in the papers, which was explained as differences in the way that NHS accountancy works! 

The 14/15 plan would have resulted in a deficit of £25.6m but after application of the NWL Financial strategy the CCG was able to set a balanced budget, although this would leave a residual underlying deficit of £7m at end of year.

d.   Noting of Healthwatch Hillingdon update: This overviewed activities from April to June 2014.

e.  Noting of an update on allocation of S106 Health Facilities Contributions: Extensions to four GP surgeries are now largely completed and extension of the Hesa Health Centre in Hayes is underway.  Tenders for the new Yiewsley Health Centre have been received and S106 contributions identified.  The St Andrews Park developer is released from the obligation to provide an on-site healthcare facility, after paying over £624k  – the Council would consider a loan to the CCG to secure a site for an Uxbridge health hub.  Other suggestions for S106 contributions include extending other GP surgeries and possibly pharmacies.

f.  Pharmaceutical Needs Assessment: It was agreed that provision in Hillingdon is good.  The full document will be open to consultation  for 60 days from 24th September.

g.  Board Planner & Future Agenda Items: Items were agreed for 11th Dec. 2014 and 17th March 2015.

Published in Health Services on 25 September 2014.
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