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Board meeting of The Hillingdon Hospitals NHS FT on 21st July 2016

From the Board papers

National Items

  1. Secretary of State for Health and Shadow: Jeremy Hunt remains Secretary of State for Health in the May government.  Diane Abbott has been appointed shadow health secretary.
  2. Junior Doctors’ Contract: Despite the Junior Doctors rejection of the new contract the Department of Health proposes to employ new doctors on this contract when they take up posts from October 2016.  The terms of the new contract have been agreed by the British Medical Association, the Government and NHS Employers.
  3. Merging of Back Office Functions and care services: NHS Improvement has given all NHS trusts a month to produce plans for merging back office and pathology services across neighbouring trusts to improve efficiency and reduce costs.  Trusts also have until the end of July to identify care services dependent on use of locums which can be merged to save costs. The provider sector’s end of year deficit is expected to drop from around £550m to about £250m as a result of these measures.  North West London already has plans to merge pathology across its sector.
  4. Care Fund Gap: The previous government allowed councils to increase council tax by 2% in 2016/17 to spend on social care services and most have done so, but a national gap of nearly £1bn remains.  This is due to an ageing population and the cost of meeting the National Living Wage.  Services are likely to be reduced, including closure of day centres, cuts in the number of people receiving care services and cuts in the hours of care provided in people’s homes.  Fees may also be increased.  The Hillingdon Hospitals FT will work closely with the London Borough of Hillingdon through its Health and Wellbeing Board.  The Trust is aware that research shows that demand for hospital services is likely to increase when social care services are reduced.
  5. Kings Fund Review of Clinical Commissioning: This has found that the CCG’s clinically led model is at risk if three external barriers are not addressed:
  • CCGs lack the autonomy to involve GPs effectively in decisions about local services.
  • Limited resources prevent high quality clinically led commissioning functions.
  • Financial pressures force CCGs to make tough decisions without the support of politicians and NHS England to persuade the public that such decisions are necessary.

This Trust has a strong relationship with Hillingdon CCG and recognises its problems.

Hillingdon Hospital Items

  1. Trust’s 2016/17 Strategy: NHS Improvement has revised the Trust’s Control Total to £5.05m, giving access to the Sustainability and Transformation Fund (STF) based on:
  • A £1.9m deficit - later changed to £4.8m surplus after STF funding of £6.7m
  • Delivery of performance trajectories
  • Working with commissioners to deliver the local Sustainability and Transformation Plan.
  • Scores for Condition, Maintenance & Appearance and Dementia improved by over 5%
  • Greatest improvement was 18% in Dementia at Mount Vernon
  • Scores for Privacy, Dignity & Wellbeing fell on both sites, but by less that 1%
  1. Ealing transfer: Transfer of paediatric services was completed on 1st July and the new Paediatric A&E is expected to open on 19th July.  The extension of Peter Pan Ward is expected by the end of September.
  2. A&E Demand: Up to end of June type 1 A&E activity increased by about 9% compared with last year, paediatric attendances increased by 10% and blue light ambulances by 25%, leading to failure of the target to treat and discharge 95% of patients within four hours.
  3. Patient Led Assessment of the Care Environment (PLACE) 2016:
  • Scores for Condition, Maintenance & Appearance, and Dementia  improved by over 5%
  • Greatest improvement was 18%, in Dementia at Mount Vernon
  • Scores for Privacy, Dignity & Wellbeing fell on both sites, but by less that 1%

Published in Hillingdon Hospital FT on 27 July 2016.
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