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Board meeting of The Hillingdon Hospitals NHS FT on 22nd June 2016

Infections: Two MRSA blood stream infections within 48 hours of admission in April and one in May have been sent for arbitration - two cases may be attributed to the Trust.

Pressure ulcers: 0.8 per 1000 bed-days in May takes the yearly rate within target.

Falls: Falls reduced to 5.6 per 1000 bed-days in May -  above the Trust’s own target but lower than the national average according to two national surveys.

Accident & Emergency activity: In May attendances increased by 11.4% overall and paediatrics by 16.6%.  Those over 65 rose by 11.3 % and over 80 year olds rose by 19%.  Emergency Department attendances increased by 892 in May compared with last year, equating to an average of 32 more patients per day than in 2014.  The expansion of ambulatory care has prevented an increase in emergency admissions.

Ambulance activity: May blue light arrivals rose by 23.7%, non-blue light arrivals by 7.5%.

Staffing trends: Staff vacancy in May was 7.32% (1.32% down from last year), sickness was 3.24% (down from April and same period last year).  Temporary staffing was 16% less than a year ago, plus a shift from agency to bank staff use, with a total staff of 2,962 an increase of 6% over last year.

Finances: The May deficit was £579k, but this was £50k better than plan, making the year to date deficit £1,882k which is £610k worse then plan.  The surplus that the Trust is required to make in year has been revised to £4.8m.

Births: At 409 this was 89 higher than in May last year – a year to date increase of 146 of which 96 relate to Ealing babies following reconfiguration of Ealing services.

GP outpatient referrals: These rose by 15.7%, 952 more new patients than last May.

Published in Hillingdon Hospital FT on 05 July 2016. Updated on 18 July 2016
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