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London Ambulance Service issues

London Ambulance Service: Having continued to fail arrival targets, despite £17m resilience funding, LAS is not sending ambulances to 999 calls for minor injuries and illnesses. Anyone with minor injuries and illnesses is advised to call NHS 111 or make their own way to an urgent care centre, pharmacy or GP.  However, LAS is seeking to improve its response to seriously ill and injured patients.

LAS is facing an outflow of paramedics eg to the 111 telephone service.  Chief Executive Ann Radmore said ”Every year demand increases and now, in addition to this, there is a shortage of paramedics in the UK, which is making it difficult for us to recruit”.

LAS is leading a campaign to get 1,000 extra defibrillators in London.  Where there is a defibrillator in a public place and someone trained to use it, the chance of survival can increase from 28% to 80%.

Published in London Issues on 07 January 2015.
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