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Developments at Mount Vernon Cancer Centre

The February 2016 meeting of The Community Voice expects to hear of positive progress towards updating of the Mount Vernon Cancer Centre wards.  The current wards are unbelievably old fashioned.  Everyone agrees that they need replacing.  However, problems have arisen, not only because all NHS organisations are under huge current financial pressure, but also because the cancer services and the Cancer Centre buildings are the responsibility of two different NHS Trusts - the services are the responsibility of East & North Herts NHS Trust, but the buildings and land belong to The Hillingdon Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust.

The Community Voice, of which Ruislip Residents' Association is a member, has always championed the Mount Vernon Cancer Centre and it has monitored developments closely.  The Chief Executives of the two above NHS Trusts were guest speakers at the Community Voice meeting in September 2014 and, having told us that they have good news to impart, the two trusts will be providing a further update on February 4th at 7.45pm in the Post Graduate Centre at Mount Vernon Hospital.  The guest speakers will be Shane DeGaris, Chief Executive of The Hillingdon Hospitals NHS FT and Stephen Posey, Deputy Chief Executive of East & North Herts. Hospitals NHS Trust (as the Chief Executive, Nick Carver, will be out of the country).  Feel free to attend this meeting and have the opportunity to question the speakers if you wish.  Visitors will be welcomed as guests and a free parking permit can be obtained by 'phoning 01895 636095 in advance.


Published in Mount Vernon Hospital on 04 January 2016.
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