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NHS London, along with all other Strategic Health Authorities, was abolished as part of the reform of the NHS that the Health and Social Care Act introduced on 1st April 2013.    The Greater London Authority is the only body now capable of providing a strategic overveiw of NHS services in London.  Items of London-wide interest will be posted in this section of the website.


Note:  This agenda had relatively little of relevance to our own areas.  Considerable time was given to a local delegation concerned with the review of Barnet, Enfield and Haringey Clinical Strategy.


Across London 90,413  patients attended an A&E department in the week ending 2nd January, the highest number ever recorded.  Five percent of patients seen breached the four hour waiting period compared to 2.6% in the same period last year.


For the four weeks previous to publication of the Board papers the LAS failed to achieve both the Category A 75% standard for the number of calls responded to within 8 minutes and the Category B standard of 95% within 19 minutes.  At week ending 2nd January the year to date performance for Category A was 73.4% and for Category B 88.9%. 

Also, for the week ending 12th December, London was rated ”red” against the local measure for ambulance handover times, with an average of 45.7% of handover times over the 15 minutes measure;  the average handover time across London had increased to 17.3 minutes.


The year to date position of Trusts and PCTs is dominated by activity levels significantly in excess of plan and difficulties in delivering the unprecedented level of cost improvement factored into the plan.

The affects virtually all organisations across London, but it is particularly evident in those whose underlying financial position is already relatively weak.

Published on 10 March 2011
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