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National NHS update June 2016

From Hillingdon Hospital's Board Meeting in public June 2016: 
1. Worsening NHS morale: A recent survey of health leaders by the independent think tank The Nuffield Trust found worsening NHS morale over the last six months, largely due to workload and financial pressures.  Returning to financial balance and eliminating overspend are both legal requirements of the NHS and a central plank of NHS England’s instructions for planning, yet just 6% of respondents agreed that they wouold be able to deliver this in the current financial year.  Overall the NHS is short of 50,000 staff out of a front line workforce of just over 800,000.  Only 31% of respondents said there was enough staff for them to do their job effectively.

2. British Medical Association’s report on the use of Locum GPs: Some CCGs struggle to recruit GPs because their areas are not seen as desirable places to work, but overall there are not enough doctors to go round.  NHS England says it plans to recruit an extra 5,000 doctors to work in general practice by 2020.

3. National Audit Office Report on Discharging Older Patients from Hospital: The number of older people admitted to hospital as an emergency increased by 18% between 2010-11 and 2014-15 and the percentage of older people admitted to hospital after attending A&E was 50%, compared with 16% for those less than 65 years old.  NHS spending has grown by 5% in real terms in that time, but local authority spending on adult social care has reduced by 10% in real terms since 2009/10.  The NHS spends around £820m a year treating older patients who no longer need to be there.  Health and social care providers have made limited progress in adopting recommended good practice on managing the discharge of older patients.  Community health providers and local authorities are not incentivised financially to speed up receiving patients discharged from hospital.

Published in NHS National News on 05 July 2016. Updated on 05 October 2016
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