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Update December 2014

1.  Foundation Trust Sector’s target failures, to end of September 2014: These included:

  • For the third quarter in a row, the sector failed to admit or discharge 95% of patients from A&Es within four hours; major A&E departments breached the target for 23 consecutive weeks.
  • The FT sector again failed to meet the 90% Referral to Treatment target for admitted patients, and the 85% target for 62 day wait from GP referrals for the second quarter in a row.
  • The sector’s overall deficit was £254m - close to 80% of acute FTs were in deficit.

2.  National Tariff 2015 -16: The emergency care marginal rate will be uplifted to 50% from 30%.  Commissioners should adjust the 2008-09 baseline where providers have seen a material change in emergency admissions – and the funds retained must be invested in managing the demand for admitted emergency care, with investment decisions evidence based and communicated to all relevant stakeholders.

3.  Chancellor George Osborne’s Autumn Statement: An additional £2.2bn in 2015-16 will help to deliver the first year of the NHS Five Year Forward View.  To access such funding hospitals must have assured plans for greater efficiency and sustainability in the year ahead and be paperless by 2018.  Clinical Commissioning Groups that are below target allocation, such as Hillingdon CCG, will receive some additional funding.

4.  Launch of MyNHS website: This is on the NHS Choices website.  It seeks to enable people to compare their local hospital, their care services and their local authority – data includes food quality, staffing, patient safety, efficiency  and outcomes for individual consultants in some categories.

5  Pressure on Accident and Emergency Departments:  Across the country there have been unprecedented demands on A&E Departments, with some Trusts in crisis as a result.

Published in NHS National News on 07 January 2015.
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