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This page will contain local overview information, such as reports on local NHS services from Hillingdon’s External Scrutiny Committee;  this Committee is set up by  Hillingdon Borough Council and all its members are Hillingdon Councillors. 

The page will also contain information about neighbouring NHS services, including Northwick Park Hospital and Watford General Hospital, which are sometimes used by Hillingdon residents.

This large document, with over 300 A4 pages, was presented by Hillingdon’s Director of Public Health, Dr Ellis Friedman, on 10th July 2012 in the Civic Centre, Uxbridge.  In addressing his audience he explained that this report was prepared bearing in mind that the NHS is in transition.  New people who become responsible for public health and NHS services will benefit from the Annual Report as a reference document, which presents a broad and historical view of public health issues within the Borough.

Starting with a list of contributors and a contents list, there is both a foreword and an introduction by the Director of Public Health.  That is followed by a second introduction by the former Mayor, Cllr Mary O’Connor.  There is then a list of reference documents, followed by the body of the report, which has six chapters, most of which contain a number of specific articles composed by a range of authors:

  1. Guiding Principles
  2. Health of Children
  3. Screening and Immunisation
  4. Health of Adults and Older People
  5. The Health of the Environment
  6. Health of the Community.

Most chapters have three themes:

  1. The historical background
  2. A summary of the Marmot Report where applicable.
  3. Recommendations for implementation in Hillingdon

The Report is a comprehensive document with some refreshing insights such as “A surprising amount of services offered by the NHS are not of proven value.  Often prevention is a better strategy than treatment … “.

The avowed aims of the Report are to improve the health and wellbeing of the population and to reduce health inequalities.

Each of the many articles appears to have been lovingly created by its author, with the intention of providing a full review of evidence for a particular aspect of the report.  The  document will undoubtedly be useful for professional reference.  However, its length is likely to limit its readership, as well as making it expensive to reproduce.  It is therefore unlikely to have wide distribution in its initial form, but a summary version might attract wider professional interest and tempt the general public to explore its contents.

Published on 04 September 2012

Jan Filochowski, Chief Executive Officer of West Herts Hospital NHS Trust, is to become Chief Executive of Great Ormond Street Hospital.  Both  the date of his local departure and the appointment of his successor, remain uncertain. 
Published on 04 September 2012

Jan Filochowski, Chief Executive West Herts Hospitals NHS Trust, was guest speaker at the July meeting of the Community Voice, of which Ruislip Residents' Association is a member.  He brought much good news, despite the general doom and gloom in the NHS nationally.  His main points were:

The Trust had met financial challenges in the past year but it had responded successfully despite rising demands and its total refusal to compromise patient safety.  It expects next year to be financially tough too.

During the year the Trust had achieved unqualified registration with the Care Quality Commission, as well as opening an expanded maternity facility, and achieving consistently good waiting times.

The closure of the A&E at Welwyn’s Queen Elizabeth II Hospital had led to more emergency admissions at Watford General Hospital, so 12 temporary beds will open there in late July, and a 36 bedded unit in December.

The Trust’s inpatients’ and outpatients’ experience surveys led to the Strategic Health Authority hailing the Trust as “One of the most improved Trusts in the region”.
Published on 22 July 2012

The AGM of North West London Hospitals NHS Trust: 
This is to take place on Thursday 12th July at  5.45pm for  6pm – 7.15pm in Northwick Park Hospital.

An update for the A&E at Northwick Park Hospital: 
An award of £20.5 million to improve facilities in the A&E Department must be spent by  2013.
Published on 10 July 2012

Last year’s priorities included:

  • Mental health training for all front-line staff
  • Reports to GPs when falls were treated without hospital attendance
  • A focus on end of life care.
  • A quality dashboard with 44 indicators provided comparison with other ambulance services – LAS came top for 13 indicators and in the upper quartile for 22 indicators.

This year’s the priority focus on:

  • Mental health issues
  • The Olympics
  • Diabetes
  • Alcohol issues.                                                                                                   
Published on 29 April 2012

The agenda had 36 items and the paperwork was over 1.5 inches thick so this is a brief summary !!

Visits to wards / departments.

The Board  Members divide into pairs of an Executive Member plus a Non-Executive Member and each pair visits one part of the hospital prior to the meeting.  In all cases the Board heard of the positive, enthusiastic, pro-active attitude of the staff.  Some service provision is being impeded by I.T. limitations, which are being dealt with, but a new server and software is needed.  In the Stroke Unit the main issue is over utilization – targets cannot be reached unless there is more spare capacity, but that depends on being able to release patients and move them on promptly and that move is often blocked.

Chief Executive’s. report.

He was very satisfied – the Trust is in a better place than was expected 12 months ago.  Progress towards Foundation Trust status is going well and has the support of East of England Strategic Health Authority.


High volumes of work mean more income so the Trust is in a more comfortable position.  End of year surplus is expected to be £3.6M (slightly less than expected due to extra interest payments on loans, due to the need to defer rescheduling of these loans to fit in with the expected date of authorisation as a FT).  Planned surplus for 2012/13 is £2.8M.  This is after planned cost saving measures of £11.6M have been achieved.

The ‘Big Ask’ programme is being changed to a ‘Getting Better’ initiative.   This is considered to be an important psychological change, since it broadens the initiative from just cost savings to service improvement ideas as well.

The CT scanner at Hemel Hempsted needs replacing.   Although this cannot be done in the short term there are plans to bring in a mobile unit when needed – this can be done with a delay of only a day or so.


  • Accident  & Emergency four hour wait target of 95% is being achieved, despite high volumes of work in January and February.
  • The 18 week referral to in-patient admission target of 90% was achieved up to January but dipped slightly in February.   Some departments struggle to achieve this, but overall the trust expects to achieve this by the end of year.
  • MRSA – None in January or February.  The annual total is one against a trajectory of four.
  • C. Diff. – 2 cases in Jan. and 3 in Feb. making the annual total 14 against a trajectory of 33.  However the 3in Feb means that this target will still be failed since there is a monthly target of less than 3 (as well as the annual target of less than 33) despite the fact that the infection is more prevalent in the winter – crazy !
  • Nursing quality measures such as slips and falls, pressure ulcers, medication errors, nutrition, and normal deliveries in maternity remain consistent with previous reporting periods.
Published on 04 April 2012

David McVittie is leaving The Hillingdon Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust after eleven successful years in post in order to take up the role of Transition Director and Chief Executive Designate for the proposed merger of North West London Hospitals NHS Trust with Ealing Hospital NHS Trust.   He expects to be based in Northwick Park Hospital.

The Community Voice, of which we are a member, monitors all meetings in public of the Board of North West London Hospitals Trust, so watch this space for further developments.  Many Ruislip people are patients at this hospital, so its services are very important to us.

Published on 02 March 2012

The Chairman’s term of office expires 31/3/12 and the post is currently being advertised.

The Medical Director has been appointed Associate Medical Director at NHS Midlands and East covering the East of England.   He will retain his clinical responsibilities at the Trust.

The Trust’s application for Foundation status has been strengthened and will go to the Applications Committee in February.

Among items in the Trust’s annual report on the Charitable Fund:

  • The Charity paid out £1.241m in year 2010/11, including a final payment of £295k for the cyberknife project at the Mount Vernon Cancer Centre and £42k for scalp coolers  - which can stop hair falling out after some chemotherapy treatments.

  • In year 2010/11 the Charity received £1.211m of donations and legacy and investment income of £85k.

  • Much of the Board meeting related to the Lister Hospital and the Queen Elizabeth II Hospital in St Albans.
  • There was a presentation on the Full Business Case for new operating theatres and new ward block at the Lister Hospital – cost £39.1m.   Theatres cost approx £1000 per hour.  More emergency theatres mean quicker treatment, earlier discharge,  reduction in the number of operations after 2200 hours and lost theatre time would be reduced by having patients on the same floor as theatres.

Finance:  The reduced level of  private cancer patients continues to affect income.

There was a discussion on the responsibilities of Directors in relation to Health and Safety.

Published on 30 January 2012
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