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LONDON NORTH WEST HEALTHCARE NHS TRUST Board Meeting On Wednesday 27 January 2015 at St Marks

 New Wards Three new wards next to A&E were opened on 18th January.
  • Crick Ward Assessment Unit 24 beds (incl. one bariatric)
  • Darwin Ward Acute Short Stay Unit 24 beds (incl. one bariatric)
  • Elgar Ward (infectious diseases) 15 beds

This £14m facility represents a state of art working experience for staff and patients and should improve patient flow by helping to speed up the patient pathway from A&E admission to ward bed and safe discharge.

Junior Doctors’ Industrial Action As a direct result, 18 elective and 688 outpatients appointments were cancelled. 50 members of staff took part in the action. New appointments will be given according to priorities and extra clinics to help will be run.

Breaking The Circle Despite the recent increase in demand for services, the changes include:

Reducing the number of London Ambulance Service waits of over an hour, 30 minutes and over 15 minutes;
  • Discharging patients earlier in the day helping to reduce the time patients wait in A&E for a bed and improving patients experience;
  • Starting Older People Assessment & Liaison Service working within emergency pathway ensuring that frail elderly patients receive the best possible care as early as possible;
  • Introducing new processes and systems in communication with Social Care and Community Services in the management of long stay patients.

Fighting Flu The national target of 75 % of staff vaccination has not been reached; by 15th January, only 35.5% of staff had agreed to be vaccinated.

Staff Excellence Awards The 2016 LNWH Pride in our Staff awards will recognise the excellence of individuals and teams working for the Trust. 211 nominations have been received up from 180 in 2015.

Ealing Emergency Department Receptionists have received a commendation for “Outstanding contribution to Community Safety in Ealing Borough” from the Metropolitan Police.

Relocation of Denham Unit Denham Unit was relocated from Harrow to CMH on 8th January. It is based on the former Roundwood 1 Ward.

ENT services At Ealing Hospital Since 18th January, ENT services from Ealing Hospital are now provided by clinicians from NPH and CMH rather than Imperial College Healthcare. Patients will continue to be seen at Ealing and listed for surgery at NPH or CMH at first, with expansion into Ealing over the next couple of months.

Shaping A Healthier Future Update On 14th January, the NWL Clinical Board considered the Independent Healthcare Commission for NWL’s final review of the SaHF programme and issued their report in early December 2015. They concluded that the current programme continues to offer the best outcomes, experience and equality of access to NHS services for patients.

Board Report Summary The Trust is making preparations for dealing with major incidents (terror attacks) in light of the recent tragic events in Paris. NHS England and Department of Health are seeking confirmation and assurance from all acute Trusts that they have suitable plans and systems in place to respond to a similar style Marauding Terrorist Attack (MTA) in the UK.

Finance Report

  • Income & Expenditure position is a year to date deficit of £76.3m which is £10.3m behind plan.
  • CIP delivery to date is £13.5m which is £1.5m behind planed forecast outturn remains at £88.3m, in line with plan, but this remains high risk.
  • The Trusts Financial Sustainability Risk Rating (FSRR) with the TDA is currently 1.
  • Capital expenditure is £24.3m to date, £5.7m behind plan.

Neonatal Mortality The data are collected nationally by MMBRACE-UK (Mothers and Babies : Reducing Risk through Audits and Confidential Enquiries across the UK) This reports 2 years later, so at the end of 2015 the outcome was for 2013.

The Trust was green for stillbirths (expected position), yellow for extended perinatal deaths (better than expected by up to 10) and amber for perinatal deaths (up to 10 % greater than expected). MMBRACE-UK recommends review of amber and red gradings. This has been completed and no pattern has been found requiring remedial action. Using our own data, subsequent years have been reviewed and the extended perinatal mortalities numbers are low.


Published in Other Local NHS Services on 10 February 2016.
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