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Urgent Care Centres

Are you bewildered about where to go when you need advice?  People are often uncertain whether to book an appointment to see a GP, or to 'phone 111, or 'phone 999, or go to a Minor Injuries Unit, or go to the Accident and Emergency Department of their local hospital.  Now Urgent Care Centres are added to the list.

Always dial 999 if you fear a life is at risk -  a potential heart attack, or stroke, major bleeding or serious injury 

Dial 111 if you are uncertain what to do  - you will receive advice and also a priority appointment if you are advised to go to an Urgent Care Centre

In general:
  • Book to see a GP:  For any non-urgent health concerns
  • Minor Injuries Unit, such as Mount Vernon MIU:   For cuts, burns,scalds, mild head and body injuries, removal of foreign bodies from eyes, nose or ears, fractures and sprains, insect or animal bites - but MIUs do not treat children under 4 years old, nor children needing x-rays.
  • Urgent Care Centre, such as the UCC at the entrance to Hillingdon Hospital's Emergency Department:  For minor injuries (as above) and  minor illnesses that need  immediate attention by a GP or senior nurse.
  • Emergency Department of hospital:  Access at Hillingdon Hospital is via UCC or ambulance - this is the right option for children under 4 years, children needing x-rays, and for adults with major illness or injury

Published in Health Services on 04 December 2013.
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