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The proposal to route High Speed Two through Ruislip is causing widespread local concern.  Our Association has responded vigorously to the public consultation on this contentious proposal, as have many of our members.  This page will be regularly updated as the proposal progresses.

HS2 Ltd/DfT have now launched the HS2 consultation.  It closes on Friday 29 July 2011. Please see  All the information road shows are listed on this site, including the Ruislip one on 30/31 March at Winston Churchill Hall  - opening hours 8am to 8pm each day.

There is a set of frequently asked questions on the website, to aid your completion of the online form.  Alternatively you can download the response form to fill out manually and then post it to:

High Speed Rail Consultation
PO Box 59528
SE21 9AX

Ruislip Residents Assocation have set up a fact finding working group, consisting of both members and Executive Committee members, to study all aspects of the proposed HS2 project in order for us to be able to clearly and fully respond to the consultation in due course. If you would like to join the group please contact our Chairman, Joan Davis.

First published on 21 March 2011.  Last updated on 29 March 2011

On 20 December 2010 Philip Hammond, the Transport Secretary, announced that the Government has now decided which preferred route for HS2 will be put out for public consultation in February 2011.  The part of the route that was planned

for Ruislip and published as a map last summer remains unaltered - other parts of the routes have had some changes made, either for greater noise avoidance or to route it further from local villages.

Hillingdon Council held a meeting on 2 December 2010 for residents living close to the proposed route, explaining more about it and emphasising that they will fight against it as hard as they fought against the Third Runway. More public meetings will follow. Council contact details are 01895 250111 or Hillingdon Council High Speed 2

There is a full  write up in the January Town Crier.  Information can also be found here:

Ruislip route map (map no. ...04004 - it is a PDF document that you will need to download)

Department for Transport

20 December 2010 press release

General information about HS2 on the Government website

First published on 21 January 2011.  Last updated on 29 March 2011

This is the current expected timetable for HS2:
  • Consultation Period (probably five months duration)         Start March/April 2011
  • Final Decision about choice of Route                                       December 2011
  • Introduction of Hybrid Bill in Parliament                                                    2013
  • Construction Start                                                                                  2015
Assuming that it is decided that HS2 will go ahead, the current understanding is that the ‘Preferred Route’ via West Ruislip is most likely to be selected, though other route options will not be completely ruled out until after the consultation.

All the route maps and further information are on the Department of Transport website or that of HS2 Ltd, the company set up by the Government to look into the feasibility of this rail link HS2 Ltd

Their contact details are: Tel: 020 7944 4908  E-mail: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

An extract of the Department of Transport map no. HS2-ARP-07-DR-RW-03104 showing the route through part of Ruislip

First published on 21 December 2010.  Last updated on 29 March 2011

An extract of the Department of Transport map no. HS2-ARP-07-DR-RW-03104
An extract of the Department of Transport map no. HS2-ARP-07-DR-RW-03104

Although this 'preferred' train route will run via West Ruislip, it will be a non-stop service from central London to Birmingham and as such passengers will not be able to access the trains at Ruislip.  The current proposal is to have 14 trains an hour travelling in each direction on the line. The train speed would be 155 Miles per hour when approaching West Ruislip from London, after which it is expected to start to accelerate to 186mph (which is up more than double the current speed of trains on Chiltern Line), to finally reach 248mph after Amersham.

Most of the track through Ruislip would run alongside the north side of the existing Chiltern line (until it nears Breakspear Road South when it will split away to become a fully separate line heading in a more northerly direction, crossing Harvil Road near to the Dogs Trust).  For the trains to run at very high speeds the track needs to be straighter and more level than the current Chiltern Line route. Various viaducts, embankments, bridges, stations and road junctions will therefore need to be re-configured or built to enable this, which will cause huge disruption to the roads and railways in the general Ruislip/Ickenham area during the many years of the construction period.

For those living close to the proposed route there is the risk that noise and vibration will affect their homes, plus the possibility of visual intrusion if the new track is built higher than the existing track, or where tall gantries will be installed (for the electricity power lines).

If the route goes ahead, some land/buildings close to, or on the line of the new track, may need to be compulsorily purchased by the Government.  Others will remain, but with a new train line right next door.  There is an Exceptional Hardship Scheme (see Department of Transport details above) for those who need to sell their homes, and the understanding is that there will be further schemes (such as compensation for blight to property) available in the future.  No more information about these extra schemes is yet available.
First published on 28 September 2010.  Last updated on 10 March 2011
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