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HS2 - Judicial Review decision: 15 March 2013

The decisions on the Judicial Reviews were finally announced on Friday 15 March.

Of the 5 challenges, the Court upheld (agreed with) one.  This was in relation to the consultation process for the original compensation scheme.  The Judge deemed it to have been unfair.  Indeed the Judge said "All in all, the consultation on compensation was so unfair as to be unlawful."  The result of this decision is that the compensation consultation is going to have to be completely re-run.   We do not yet have a timescale of when this will be.

Meanwhile the Judge has given leave for the various parties to proceed to appeal against the challenges that he rejected, if they so wish.

A summary of the Judicial Review decision by the judge can be read  here .

Published in High Speed 2 on 19 March 2013.
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