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HS2 Update

HS2 rumbles on, apparently beyond our control. We have attended the Community Forums, responded to their many consultations, had in depth discussions about our concerns, petitioned the House of Commons, and so far have really managed to achieve very little. Almost all the changes that HS2 Ltd have proposed are basically because they have found their original plans to be impractical or too costly, not because they have listened to the community.

The next stage is petitioning the House of Lords for changes to the Hybrid Bill, and that is what we are now doing, but we have already been told that they will not agree any changes that would involve a change to the bill, or cost more money!

Areas of concern that we have already raised are: traffic problems, noise problems, especially for people in the Greenways, damage to HOAC, damage to Ruislip Golf Course, destruction of Ruislip Rifle Club, insufficient compensation, poor information, the list just goes on and on…


Below you can find links to various documents related to our work on HS2:

The work continues. We expect to present our petition to the House of Lords Select Committee in the next couple of months

Published in High Speed 2 on 30 October 2016.
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