Ruislip Residents' Association

Ruislip Residents' Association's petition on HS2, 2014

Ruislip Residents' Association made robust protests about the original HS2 proposals, with some success.  At every stage we have strongly defended our own local interests, whilst arguing that whatever is intended for the common good should also protect those that are threatened by adverse side effects.  

Now that the decision has been taken for the line to go ahead, we have submitted a pertinent, constructive petition to minimise the impact of that decision on Ruislip people.   See that petition by clicking here.  The language of that petition may seem strange, but it is in the required form for such petitions.

We will continue to shout loud and clear that local residents whose homes become untenable must be enabled to live nearby, in similar homes close to their friends, jobs and schools - plus at least a sweetener to compensate for the disruption to their lives.  Also, our local facilities must be protected or replaced before construction begins - our outdoor leisure centre, our golf course and our rifle range - whatever the financial cost.·

Equally, our heavily congested roads will be at a standstill during the long HS2 construction phase, unless the current plans are changed.  We will be relentless in demanding a rethink of that phase.

Lastly we greatly value our semi-rural surroundings.  Piling the spoil from HS2 tunnel excavations onto our fields must not be allowed.  Be confident that our Association will be heard!

Published in High Speed 2 on 17 June 2014.
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