Public Inspection of Council Accounts


Every year the accounts are open for inspection by the public prior to the completion of audit for a period of 20 working days. Local electors can inspect them and ask questions. Details of the open days for inspection are advertised in local press two weeks before the first 'open' day.

You can inspect and take copies of, ask the auditor questions about, and even place an objection against our accounts.

How Do I Ask

Best method is by email.  This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

What Can You Ask

Any question can be asked related to expenditure or income of the Council including contractual concerns.

Type of Question

Q. How much income did the council get in Skip licences?

Q. Torrington Road restriction area, the bollards have been damaged several times and been repaired,      what was the total cost of all the repairs undertaken?

Q. What is the total cost of running the Libraries in Hillingdon including staffing, maintenance etc?

Q. Can I have a breakdown of all grants made to various groups and organisations during the year?

Note: As long it is an accounts question it can be asked.

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